Finding time to make it to the gym is hard for anyone who doesn’t live, breathe, and eat exercise. After a long day at work, very few people are excited about working up a sweat. Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to recognize various workout plans that are easy, cost-effective, and require no more than a half hour. Well, have no fear, because this animated Richard Simmons-looking guy is here with 48 different exercises that are beneficial toward your health and body and can also be done in your bedroom. 

High intensity interval training (HIIT) workout plans, which all 48 on these exercises can be incorporated into, will not only cut down on how much time you spend in a gym, but they can also improve several markers for health. In addition to burning fat and controlling blood pressure, studies have shown that less than a half hour of HIIT can significantly improve heart health among people of all ages. These exercises can also be done in the morning before work, which research shows is best for reducing stress. 


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