This Is What 10 Servings Of Tomatoes A Week Gets You, Fellas

By | Wed, 08/27/2014 - 17:17

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among American men. It turns out the humble tomato may be able to help.


New Drug Offers First-Ever Treatment For Common Anemia

By | Wed, 08/27/2014 - 14:15

An experimental drug called lexaptepid showed success at keeping iron levels steady in people's bloodstreams.


You Can Blame Your Hangovers Partly On Genetics

By | Wed, 08/27/2014 - 11:50

Around 40 to 45 percent of a hangover's total effects stem from a person's genetic makeup.


Married Couples Who Smoke Weed Less Likely To Get Violent

By | Tue, 08/26/2014 - 16:47

Domestic violence rates drop when either one or both partners are smoking marijuana on a regular basis, new research shows.


Scientists Grow An Entire Organ From Scratch [VIDEO]

By | Tue, 08/26/2014 - 13:25

The thymus sits right behind your breastbone. Or, if you're a mouse, it could be grafted to your kidney for four weeks.


VA Claims Lengthy Wait Times Did Not Cause Patient Deaths

By | Tue, 08/26/2014 - 10:49

Forty patients in the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system died in the last year. The VA finds no evidence wait times were the cause.


Adding Nutrients To Seasonings Could Make The Whole World Healthier

By | Mon, 08/25/2014 - 17:07

By injecting essential micronutrients into the foods people consume every day, entire swaths of disease could be erased.


3D-Printed Vertebra Sees Success In Spine Surgery [PHOTOS]

By | Mon, 08/25/2014 - 14:06

A Chinese doctor successfully implanted the world's first artificial vertebra produced by a 3D printer into the spine of a 12-year-old boy.


Pomegranate May Hold The Key To Quieting Alzheimer's

By | Fri, 08/22/2014 - 13:52

The compound punicalagin, found in the skins and fruits of pomegranates, could protect brain health into old age.


The Diabetes Laser That Could End Finger Pricks For Good

By | Fri, 08/22/2014 - 11:48

Princeton University engineers have found a way to track blood sugar levels without the chore of drawing blood.


'Fifty Shades Of Grey' May Prompt Domestic Violence And Eating Disorders

By | Thu, 08/21/2014 - 14:17

Video games may not lead their users to destructive behavior, but what about best-selling novels?


The Nocebo Effect Shows Us We're All A Bunch Of Worriers

By | Thu, 08/21/2014 - 12:04

Think you suffer from WiFi syndrome? You might, but should that mean science needs to take it seriously?


Summer Depression: When Fun In The Sun Simply Isn't

By | Wed, 08/20/2014 - 17:06

Mostly everyone's heard of seasonal affective disorder making the winter months even harsher, but livin' in the summertime isn't always easy.

x ray

These X-Rays Show How Your Bones Move In Their Joints [GIFS]

By | Wed, 08/20/2014 - 15:37

It's easy to forget the complex system of bells and whistles inside your body. X-rays can help shed an invisible light.


Slaughterhouse Indicted For Knowingly Selling Cancerous Beef

By | Wed, 08/20/2014 - 13:24

The California slaughterhouse that recalled nine million pounds of beef in February has been indicted on 11 felony charges.