Why You're So Afraid Of The Dentist

By | Tue, 11/12/2013 - 15:53

Certain people have a fear of the dentist because their brains process unpleasant noises differently than other people, a new study finds.

David Woo

Rogue Dentist On The Run After Treating Patients Without A License [VIDEO]

By | Fri, 08/16/2013 - 13:56

Unlicensed dentist David Woo treated patients in his bedroom using unsanitary equipment. Now he's on the run and all of his more than 1,000 patients have to get tested for hepatitis and HIV.

Melissa Nelson

Melissa Nelson, ‘Irresistible’ Employee Fired By Dentist For Being Too Attractive, Will Get Another Day In Court [VIDEO]

By | Sat, 06/29/2013 - 12:26

The Iowa Supreme Court has agreed to review the case of Melissa Nelson, a dental hygienist who was fired by her boss for being too "irresistible."


Dentist Puts Silver Crowns on All of Four-Year-Old Girl's Teeth During a Routine Procedure

By | Wed, 01/16/2013 - 11:31

A four-year-old girl was left with stainless-steel crowns on every single tooth in her mouth after her recent trip to the dentist.


Dental Drill Piece Falls Down Woman's Throat, Lands in Her Lungs

By | Mon, 12/31/2012 - 15:47

A dental implant surgery in a hospital in Sweden went awry after a piece of dental drill fell down a woman's throat and landed in her lung.


Dentists Buy Back Halloween Candy

By | Tue, 10/30/2012 - 20:24

All that candy collected during Halloween has loads of sugars that do some serious damage to the children's teeth. Now, children can exchange their candies for cash at a dentist's clinic that will be sent to U.S. troops overseas.


Oregon Boy Sues Orthodontist for Leaving His Braces on for 11 Years

By | Wed, 08/29/2012 - 12:46

An Oregon man is suing his orthodontist for leaving his braces on for 11 years, which he claims left him with irreversible tooth rot.