Developing Countries Have The Lion's Share Of The World's Obese, Overweight

By | Fri, 01/03/2014 - 13:20

A study found that almost two-thirds of the world's obese and overweight population reside in poorer countries. Researchers blame a global shift in diet that includes more meat, sugar, and fat.


The Greek Village Where A High-Fat Diet Comes With No Consequences

By | Thu, 12/26/2013 - 16:24

The residents of the Cretan village of Anogia and its surrounding areas express a gene variation that appears to protect them from cardiovascular disease.

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Junk Food May Impair Memory And Spatial Recognition In Just One Week

By | Mon, 12/23/2013 - 16:11

A diet high in fat and sugar may lead to cognitive impairments in as little as one week.


Obese People Can't Taste Sweetness As Well As Those In Shape

By | Thu, 11/21/2013 - 18:35

Fewer taste cells may make it more difficult for obese people to taste sweet stimuli.


Eating Chocolate Could Reduce Your Body Fat

By | Thu, 11/07/2013 - 17:35

In a study of 1458 European adolescents, high chocolate intake corresponded to lower body fat levels.


Body Fat May Help Older, Slightly Overweight People Live Longer

By | Thu, 09/19/2013 - 22:00

A little bit of body fat may be the key to helping older people live longer, according to a new study, which found that slightly overweight people were more likely to survive over the course of 16 years than any other group.

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Weight Gain As Middle Age Approaches: How You Can Prevent It

By | Sat, 08/24/2013 - 17:43

To many in their 40s and 50s, part of the dread of middle age is the fear of weight gain.


New Blog 'Smile, Sizeist!' Invites Overweight People To Expose Fat Shamers Via Public Photos; Promoting Tolerance Or Encouraging Defamation?

By | Wed, 06/12/2013 - 13:10

A new blog seeks to humiliate fat shamers by putting their photos on a public site, along with a story of how they harassed an innocent obese person — but could the site be asking for legal trouble?


Canola Oil Health Benefit: Reduces Belly Fat, Cuts Metabolic Syndrome Risk

By | Fri, 03/29/2013 - 20:23

Monounsaturated fats in canola oil can reduce abdominal fat and cut risk for metabolic syndrome.

Saturated Fats Linked to Lower Sperm Count

By | Sun, 01/06/2013 - 14:54

A new study from Denmark shows that saturated fat can lead to lower sperm count.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos

School Health Officials Warn Flamin' Hot Cheetos Are Addictive and Contain Nearly 700 Calories

By | Tue, 10/16/2012 - 13:55

One particular educator, Lyndon B. Johnson from a middle school in New Mexico, has composed and sent home a letter, which outlines four reasons why the poplar Cheetos snack should be banned.

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Saved by the Belly: Man Survives 38 Stab Wounds Because He Was Overweight

By | Wed, 10/03/2012 - 14:12

A UK man knifed 38 times and left for dead survived because he was overweight.


The Role of Fats in Weight Loss

By | Tue, 10/02/2012 - 12:58

If you are trying to lose weight, eating the right fats in the right quantities may be an important part of the equation.


Tiny Capsule Reduces Belly fat

By | Thu, 09/06/2012 - 10:53

A tiny capsule that contains genetically engineered cells will be enough to reduce fat around the belly, a new study says.