Holiday Decorating Injuries: When Stringing Christmas Lights Lands You In ER

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Follow these tips on how to prevent your holiday traditions from being dangerous.

How to Deal With Grief During Holidays

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The holiday season brings joy for many but for people who have lost a loved one, the holiday season can bring a feeling of emptiness.


Holiday Feasting Can Disturb Your Body's Food Clock

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A new study shows how indulging in holiday treats can leave people with a disturbed "food clock" that can lead to many health complications.


To Stay Fit During Holidays Bend, Don't Break Routine: Experts

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Sticking to a fitness routine is not always easy, but holiday feasting, drinking and family can make it even harder.

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Tips for Moderate Drinking During Holidays

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Holidays can be a testing time for people who have recovered from a full-blown addiction and also those who are social drinkers.


Tips to Avoid Heartburn During Holidays

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Holiday Season Tips on Healthy Eating for Kids

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