heart key

Keeping Hackers Out Of Your Body

By | Tue, 09/24/2013 - 17:30

Heart-To-Heart authentication technology turns a patient's heartbeat into a truly unique password.

Deep Brain Stimulation Patient Displays Parkinson's Disease Symptoms After Pacemaker Turns Off

Deep Brain Stimulation Patient Turns Off Pacemaker To Demonstrate Parkinson's Disease Symptoms [VIDEO]

By | Fri, 06/21/2013 - 15:50

Parkinson's disease patient Andrew Johnson recorded a video of what happens when he turns off his deep brain stimulation (DBS) pacemaker, demonstrating the dramatic relief his implant offers from motor symptoms.


US Is ‘Third World Country’ When It Comes To Heart Device Availability

By | Tue, 05/28/2013 - 16:17

American doctors blame FDA delays for keeping new, innovative medical devices out of the hands of patients who need them.

UCLA Live Brain Surgery

UCLA Surgeons Livestream Brain Surgery As Parkinson's Patient Strums Guitar [VIDEO]

By | Sat, 05/25/2013 - 00:09

UCLA live-streamed the brain pacemaker implant surgery of Brad Carter, a Parkinson’s disease patient who played his guitar during the video.

A heart-shaped lock and key

‘Cyber’ Attacks On Your Heart? Scientists Test The E-Security Of Pacemakers [Video]

By | Thu, 05/16/2013 - 17:27

New security risks found in sensors for heart devices, consumer electronics

Researchers Convert Heart Muscle Cells Into Pacemakers by Inserting a Gene

By | Mon, 12/17/2012 - 17:29

Researchers have found a way to turn ordinary heart muscle cells into pacemaker cells just by inserting a gene.

Plaster models of heads, showing different parts of the brain

Brain ‘Pacemaker’ Shows Promise in Fight Against Alzheimer’s

By | Mon, 12/10/2012 - 11:58

Researchers conducted "deep-brain stimulation" in an effort to help fight the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

An x-ray of the chest showing a pacemaker.

Device Can Power Pacemaker Using Heartbeat

By | Mon, 11/05/2012 - 12:23

Researchers have developed new kind of cardiac device that uses heartbeat to power itself.

An x-ray of the chest showing a pacemaker.

Someone, Call Grandpa! Pacemakers Susceptible to Hackers Could Open Door to Mass Murder

By | Wed, 10/17/2012 - 17:46

Researchers have found that, as pacemakers have become more technologically advanced, they have also made themselves more vulnerable.

More Americans Getting Pacemakers

By | Thu, 09/27/2012 - 11:05

The number of Americans getting pacemakers implanted has risen in the past two decades - and the recipients are increasingly older and sicker.

Can Pacemakers Be Used Twice?

By | Fri, 09/14/2012 - 09:40

It's estimated that between one million and two million people die worldwide each year because they do not have access to pacemakers.