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  • Jets QB Garrard Quits Due To Knee Injury

    Jets quarterback David Garrard said Wednesday that he will have to quit football due to his knee injury, narrowing the Jets quarterback roster to four.
  • Soccer Players Without Head Injuries Still Have Brain Changes

    Researchers compared brain scans of a group of professional soccer players who had no symptoms and no known concussions to a group a swimmers and found significant white matter changes in the brains of the soccer players.
  • Baseball Pitch Counts Don't Predict Injuries

    New study looked at data from every Major League Baseball pitcher from 2002 to 2007, focusing on a given year's pitch count, innings pitched and whether the player ended up injured the following year.
  • Skiers, Rowers May Not Have More Back Pain

    Competitive rowers and cross-country skiers may not have any more chronic lower back pain than the rest of us despite putting constant stress on their backs.
  • NFL Players Are 3 Times More Likely to Die of Brain Disease

    Government health officials released a new study revealing that NFL players are three times more likely to die of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's disease and four times more likely to die of Alzheimer's disease compared to the general population.