10 Secrets To Live A Longer Life

For the longest time, man has long been fascinated about the idea of a supposed fountain of youth, which can apparently give us eternal life. As such, it’s been explored in various forms of media, from books to shows and of course, movies. Some have even linked it to the legend of the Holy Grail, where Christ himself supposedly drank, and can now also give happiness or eternal life, based on the version you read.

However, it seems that man is too impatient to look for an eternal life-giving fountain in today’s age and has since resorted to the next best thing: science. Thankfully, this endeavor is shaping to be very good.

This is because a team of scientists hailing from the Arizona State University and Texas A&M University have just recently made a breakthrough discovery in plant DNA that can supposedly slow down the aging process, as well as stop cancer, rece.

But people themselves, especially centenarians, believe that living a longer life can be achieved by something as simple as keeping a positive attitude. And there’s good reason to believe these people because according to studies, centenarians are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, with their numbers expected to reach around 1 million by the year 2050.

Furthermore, centenarians  have 60 percent lower rates of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure, and are known to be a happy and optimistic bunch that have extremely low rates of depression and other psychiatric problems.

According to them, you need these 10 things if you want to live a longer life:

  1. Eating good food.
  2. Participating in moderate exercise like walking or swimming.
  3. Living clean (not smoking or drinking excessively).
  4. Keeping a positive attitude.
  5. Having a family to interact with.
  6. Living independently.
  7. Having faith or spirituality.
  8. Being born with “good” genes.
  9. Having a circle of friends.
  10. Staying mentally active and never stopping learning something new.

While these can definitely help, staying generally healthy and maintaining that for as long as you can is easily your best shot at living long.

Long Life Caffeine may not be the main reason behind the longevity-boosting benefit since it was also experienced by decaffeinated coffee drinkers. Mikesh Kaos/Unsplash