When someone says fashion accessories, the first things that come to mind are jewelry, bags and sometimes hats. But there is one underrated fashion piece that can totally change the way you look and complete your overall attire – eyeglasses.

Coming in all sizes, shapes, styles and shades, eyeglasses are perfect accessories for when you want to highlight your face and complement its shape and structure. Not to mention, they also have functional value. Some glasses are designed for improved eyesight (prescription glasses), while others help protect the eyes from harmful outdoor elements, including too many UV rays from the sun (sunglasses). In that sense, it is safe to assume that eyeglasses are more than just accessories but also an eye-health necessity.

Brands, such as Eyebuydirect, are aware of both the aesthetic and functional values of eyeglasses. They offer a wide variety of eyeglasses to suit virtually any style preference and eye-care needs of their buyers.

Here are some of the things you should know about Eyebuydirect:

1. There Are Over 1,200 Styles To Choose From

1,200 styles to choose from Eyebuydirect

Even the most discriminating buyers will surely find a pair that suits their taste and needs. There are choices for men, women and kids. From full-rim to semi-rimless to rimless, you have a wide variety to choose from. Size ranges from extra small to extra large. But for those with certain specifications in terms of the width and height, the shop offers custom options.

2. They Carry Premium Brands

Eyebuydirect offers a line of eyeglasses from popular eyewear brands, including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Arnette, Vogue Eyewear and RFLKT.

Premium frames also ship for free!

3. They Have Eyeglass Shapes For All Face Types

Buyers who are conscious of their face shapes can benefit from the variety of eyeglass shapes from Eyebuydirect.

Those with round faces can go for rectangle- or square-shaped glasses. Aviators are also a good choice.

If you have a square face, you will never go wrong with round, oval, horn/cat-eye and wayfarer shapes. The same options suit triangular-shaped faces, with the inclusion of square eyeglasses.

For heart-shaped faces, great options include horn/cat-eye, rectangle, wayfarer and oval.

If you have an oval-shaped face, there should not be any fuss in choosing the right eyeglasses because all available shapes suit your face well.

For fun-loving and quirky eyeglass users, geometric and heart shapes are available.

4. Their Eyeglass Frames Come In Different Materials Of Your Choice

Common materials available include metal and titanium, while they also have frames made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. If you want lighter material, you can go for plastic, acetate or mixed wood. Many other options come in combination with the aforementioned materials.

5. There Is A Color To Match Every Style And Personality

There's a color to match every style. Eyebuydirect

As their glasses come in various materials, there is also a wide array of colors to choose from – from classic colors like white, gray, brown and clear to louder ones like yellow, pink, green, red, blue, orange and purple.

Fancier colors are also available such as gold, silver, bronze, rose gold, floral, striped and ivory tortoise.

Whatever style you fancy, you have great options. Whether you prefer a minimalist, neutral style or a fun and outgoing vibe, there is a color suited for you.

6. Their Website Has A Virtual Try-on Feature

Some people hesitate to buy clothes and accessories online because they have no chance to try them on and ensure they suit them. "What if they don't fit me well?" This is a common and viable question that also applies to eyeglasses.

Eyebuydirect's website has a virtual try-on feature to solve this dilemma. All you have to do is hover over a pair of eyeglasses that you are interested in and simply click the "try on" button. You can use the virtual try-on glasses widget in real-time with the help of your mobile phone's camera. Another option is to record a short video of yourself and try the feature, much like how a filter works. You may also try it on an image of yourself. Just make sure you are not wearing glasses in the video or photo you are using for the try-on.

Through this function, you can see whether an item suits you well before making a purchase. You will just have to explore your options and try them on to find the perfect pair or pairs for you. Here is the link to learn more about this feature.

7. They Value Sustainability

Eyebuydirect is al about sustainability. Eyebuydirect

Eyebuydirect is among the few brands that have joined the global movement toward eco-friendliness and sustainability. Their "5 to See" collection features eyeglasses with frames made from recycled materials. It is gaining popularity online as more and more people are becoming aware of the need to go for a green and sustainable living.

8. Eyebuydirect's Sustainable Glasses Are Made From Plastic Bottles

Each pair is made from five plastic bottles that would have otherwise been swept to bodies of water and eventually pollute the ocean and poison marine life.

If you are a fan of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, the shop's "5 to See" collection is definitely worth trying. Check their collection here.

9. You Can Use Your FSA Or HSA When Buying Glasses

Eyebuydirect allows you to use both your flexible spending account and health savings account to buy prescription glasses or sunglasses. Eyewear accessories designed to correct vision are considered medical products; thus, you can avail of them with your FSA or HSA account.

10. They Have Discounts And Special Offers!

Eyebuydirect gives its customers special offers and discounts. Eyebuydirect

Lastly, Eyebuydirect gives its customers special offers and discounts. Their Halloween sale, for instance, offers 30% off their products. Just use the code "SPEC30" to get the discount.

Check out Eyebuydirect for more information.