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3 Central Texas Nursing Homes Report More Than 100 Coronavirus Cases

Per reports from public health officials, three central Texas nursing homes are suffering from more than 100 COVID-19 cases from its staff and residents.

Three Nursing Homes In Texas Suffer From 100+ COVID-19 Cases

While some parts of the U.S. are indeed able to help flatten down the curve of the coronavirus pandemic, the truth is that the majority of the country are still suffering from rising COVID-19 numbers.

And per the latest report, that battle is now being fought in central Texas since three of its nursing homes are suffering from more than 100 cases of the deadly virus among its residents and staff. The data has been recently revealed in a presentation to Austin City Council Tuesday interim public health authority by Dr. Mark Escott, who showed that out of the 2,537 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Austin-Travis County, 473 of them are among senior living facility staff and residents.

Per the reported data, West Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation has a total of 111 COVID-19 cases, with the breakdown revealing 81 positive resident cases, 30 positive staff cases, 19 resident deaths and one staff death, unfortunately. It’s also known that the nursing home is the only one in the county with a COVID staff death.

Following this, another unnamed nursing home reported to have 69 positive resident cases, 35 positive staff cases and 11 total deaths, amounting to 104 COVID-19 cases. Lastly, Trinity Care Center now has a total of 101 cases of COVID-19, which includes 33 team members and 68 residents who tested positive for the virus.

There’s also Stonebridge Health Rehab in southwest Austin, which is reported to have 11 team members and 24 residents that tested positive for the coronavirus.

However, in the same meeting where the data was presented, Dr. Escott said that Austin and the five-county metropolitan statistical area managed to effectively flatten the COVID-19 curve. Nevertheless, he urges people to stay vigilant and careful.

"We need to have local control, local influence over policies because this epidemic... this pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting different cities differently at different times," Escott said.

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