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Is A 3-Day Sleep Binge Healthy?

Today, binge living does not merely end at watching your favorite shows late at night, where you find yourself finishing an entire season in one sitting. For a lot of individuals, binge living exists because of having acquired an unhealthy obsession.

This usually happens in any form of addiction, overeating and other similar lifestyle choices. However, when relating it to our sleep patterns, this refers to inconsistent patterns that we develop in the long run or while trying to complete a REM cycle when catching up on sleep.

Before we can even begin to define what binge sleeping is, it is necessary to define REM sleep.

According to an account made by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, there are five stages of rapid eye movement (REM) that occur when we are asleep.

Here, it is essential to produce at least four to five sleep cycles per night, or a maximum of 9 hours per adult person. On the other hand, binge sleeping according to the chief of Division of Sleep, Charles Czeisler, is the break from consistency in our regular sleeping cycles. Moreover, many of us sleep less than the recommended hours, claims the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The three-day binge sleeping sounds like ultimate procrastination, a form of productivity that has gone havoc. But it seems logical when taken into consideration, because sleep, as we all know, is a necessary facet in order for an individual to properly function in a day.

More than that, there is no concealing how tired we are if we do not get enough sleep. Studies recently conducted suggests that sleeping in for three to four nights can make up for sleep debt, therefore, reducing daily headaches and other unwell features of the body.

Now, do keep in mind that to do this successfully, avoid staying up late during Friday nights and head to bed on or before 11 PM. And before you fall asleep, make sure to set a timer to go off in 10 to 11 hours. You may sleep binge on a Friday night and close in on Sunday.

sleeping Illustration picture shows journalists sleeping during a night of negociation at EU summit meeting, Monday 01 July 2019, at the European Union headquarters in Brussels. THIERRY ROGE/AFP/Getty Image