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3 Steps To Condition Your Mind For Healthy Living

We dare you to go on the internet right now, or type (if you already are) out the words “diet” and “exercise” and not get overwhelmed by the amount of articles, websites and guides that would fill up your screen. These days, almost everyone is claiming to be a health and diet expert, and the countless results you got is pure testament to that.  And while it’s never wrong to check out the latest trends and news when it comes to health, the reality is a huge number of these are just copy and pasted, and worse, not supported by actual scientific research.

Truth is, only you can decide what works for your body and what won’t. And most of the time, that would come after a lot of trial and error, and we mean a lot. However, doing so would give you knowledge about your body, and would ultimately spell out what you need to get a healthy one. But if you still need a little push, then here are small steps that can help you start on your way:

1. Do tiny amounts of exercise everywhere

Due to the fast lifestyle we’re living in, almost everybody is accustomed to big and quick results. However, this shouldn’t apply at your journey to health. In terms of success, always remember that slow and steady (and small) wins the race, even if that race is just you against yourself. So try and do small exercises you can do with day-to-day activities. Then keep doing them. For example, sitting down. Try lifting your legs to and fro. Do simple pushups before going to bed, or even as simple as take the stairs whenever possible.

2. Understand your cravings

The next time you get a craving, understand that it’s not who you are but rather a part of you. So embrace it, understand it, but don’t necessarily act on it the first chance you get.

3. Get a buddy that would push your buttons

If you have a buddy or two who’s willing, then exercise together. And be open, even if that means saying common shame statements. Embracing who you are at the moment will help set your mind, letting you know this is just a part of one long, arduous process.

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