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4 Foods To Include In Your Diet To Help Boost Your Mood

Stressed and exhausted because of the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic? Here are four foods you can put in your diet in order to help regulate your mood, calm you down and make you feel better.

Mood-Boosting And Healthy Foods To Add To Your Diet

What you put in your body and how much of it you eat have always been directly associated with your weight, which is why weight loss diets are dime a dozen, some effective… some not-so-effective. However, you should also know that what you eat (and how much of it you eat) also directly influences other aspects of your health, such as the one up there in your noggin.

That’s right, food also affects your mental health, which includes your mood and behavior. This is why some foods make you happy, while some make you feel under the weather. Too much of some foods can also heighten certain issues like anxiety and depression, while some are found to help reduce these as much as possible.

Given that the majority of us are stuck inside our homes, it’s safe to say that many of us are feeling anxiety and fear or are downright just in a bad mood because of the situation. And it’s understandable, given that the seemingly endless lockdown has got us all on edge and there are so many isolation activities you can do before you exhaust yourself and feel bad again. So what next? Turn to food, of course, specifically these ones:

  1. Almonds – They may look unassuming, but this dry fruit actually contains a good amount of vitamin B2 that helps reduce the stress hormones wreaking havoc on your mood.
  2. Cocoa – We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for you and your overall well-being. However, don’t forget about cocoa since in addition to giving us chocolate, it also contains phenylethylamine compound that studies show can reduce depression.
  3. Fatty Fish – Fatty fish (like mackerel, salmon and tuna) have Omega 3 fatty acids, which stimulates our serotonin levels and helps us feel better.
  4. Basil Tea – In addition to calming you, tea also helps improve your mental state.

Mediterranean Diet Health experts consider the Mediterranean diet as one of the healthiest diets ever created, which focus on natural food, mainly plants combined with healthy fats. Pixabay

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