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4 Types Of Exercise A Person Can Do While On Keto Diet

Ketogenic diet is now trending because it includes eating high fat from meat and low-carb food. It means it is ok to eat fatty food but need to cut down on carb intake.

Many celebrities claim that this diet is effective. However, it still requires exercise and even workout. For those who want to see quick results, it is advisable to find time to exercise. Speaking of exercise, here are the exercises that one can try even when on keto diet.

Aerobic Exercise

It is one of those popular exercises. It is also known as a cardio exercise, which lasts longer than 3 minutes. Low-intensity, steady-state cardio is ideal for the keto dieter, according to ThriveStrive, because it puts a dieter on a fat burning state. Meanwhile, high-intensity cardio requires carbohydrates, so it may not be ideal for those who are on keto diet.   

Flexibility Exercises

Ladies who are on keto diet may consider this exercise. It includes yoga and other stretches. It is good for stretching muscles, supporting the joints and increasing range of motion. 

Stability Exercises

This type of exercise focuses on balancing. It helps strengthen core, improve posture and strengthen muscles.

Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise includes sprinting and weightlifting. In this exercise, glucose is needed, which is perfect for keto dieter. 

What to expect while exercising while on keto diet? According to Shape, at first, a dieter may not feel good. Ramsey Bergeron, C.P.T., a seven-time Ironman, keto athlete and owner of Bergeron Personal Training in Scottsdale, Arizona, said that a dieter may feel that he is in a fog for the first few days. But this is not to be worried about as mental fog will typically pass after a few days, Bergeron said. However, he recommends to skip workouts that require quick reactions to stay safe, like riding your bike on roads with cars or doing a long, challenging outdoor hike.

During the first few weeks, it is not advisable to try a new workout. Dieters should avoid undereating. While doing cardio, a dieter could burn more fat because glycogen is not used as an energy source but the fat. This is why a dieter needs to eat enough fat as he is burning fat and it is his source of energy.