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5 Common Vagina Myths Debunked

For a rather smart and advanced species that somehow managed to one-up every single organism, big and small, in the animal kingdom… man can be very dull at times. Case in point: myths and misinformation about the female genitalia, which surprisingly are as old as time.

It’s almost funny in a sense, especially when myths about a part of our bodies (if you’re female) still persist even in the modern age. From apparent douches that are marketed to clean your sensitive parts in an instant, to jade eggs that supposedly “harness” its energy, there’s no shortage to these outrageous claims. But sometimes, some things just have to stop, and in her book “The Vagina Bible,” gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter aims to do just that. Here are some of the most persistent ones:

Sex while pregnant can induce labor

Because of the fear of an early labor, some women stray away from penetrative sex if they’re pregnant. Turns out this is nothing more than an urban legend because a study proves that having sex during those nine months of pregnancy are perfectly safe, although it requires both parties to be extra careful, especially in the later months.

The G-spot is the end-all be-all for orgasms

We’ve all heard stories of the G-spot, and how finding it can give the most pleasurable of orgasms. However, emerging research is saying that maybe it doesn’t even exist, not to mention countless ultrasounds that can’t find it as well.

Natural tampons

So are the slogans of some brands, claiming it’s better for the vagina. However, through research, Gunter is able to conclude that almost all brands use the same ingredients, meaning that labeling fears are oftentimes unwarranted.

Fresh and clean

Today, there’s no shortage of feminine hygiene products that all claim to make your vagina smell fresh and clean. Truth is, using these isn’t recommended since the vagina’s odorous discharge already more than cleans itself. So if you’re healthy and hygienic, then you don’t need to spend on this.

Eating some types of food can make your vagina smell better

Strange yet pervasive, the myth goes that eating certain types of food can make your vagina smell better. According to Gunter, not only is it factually inaccurate, but it also supports another myth: that there’s something wrong with a vagina that smells normal.

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