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5 Essential Steps To Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss can be a long, tiring and challenging journey. But there should always be fun in your daily regimen to help you hit your goals. 

As a regular office worker, Dina Hinar struggled for years before she found the right approach to lose weight. She admitted to trying numerous diets and exercise routines but almost all failed to lead to her body transformation. 

“I would do well on these diets for a short while but annoyingly they never seemed to turn into a lifestyle change,” Hinar wrote in an article posted on Healthista. “That’s because what all of these diets had in common was a restriction, which involved me having to give up something for good in order to maintain my weight loss.”

She rapidly gained weight over the last two years. Her previous diets only led to frustration since she had to reset everything to try another approach, a cycle she described as “repetitive and vicious.”

But Hinar promised to continue her journey and aims to see changes in her weight before turning 40. She has started a 12-week weight loss program with Healthista and founder of Your Body Program and personal trainer Terry Fairclough. 

“I have been searching for a weight loss programme that wouldn’t just be easy to maintain in the long-run but also one that I would enjoy and not end up resenting,” she said. “What stood out to me the most was their approach to fitness, it wasn’t like anything I had seen or tried before – people need to train and eat differently depending on their body types.”

For her new weight loss program, Hinar is following five easy steps to change her lifestyle and to achieve her desired weight. 

How To Start Body Transformation

Know Your Body Type

This is important since the weight loss program will be based on what type of body you currently have and the one you want to achieve. Different body types require different exercise and nutrition plans.

Hinar learned that she is an Endomorph. Her body type appears big-boned, pear shaped with wider hips or round appearance. 

Endomorphs usually have a slower metabolism.

Manage Cardio Sessions

Endomorphs commonly struggle to lose fat because they have slower metabolism than other body types. Trainers recommend cardio training to help people like Hinar to shed some pounds faster. 

Hinar said she does two to three cardio sessions every week, which focuses on high intensity interval training (HIIT). The program aims to burn more calories and boost her metabolism.

“Muscle is biologically active,” Fairclough said. “By being more active and keeping up with your cardio sessions your muscles will be working more frequently, and will act as the engine you need to burn more calories and boost your metabolism.”

Stay Active

People should keep their muscles working by regularly training and avoiding more than one consecutive day off. Simply walking to the office and taking the stairs are good activities to support weight loss. 

Hinar aims to make 10,000 steps a day to boost the fat burning process in her body. 

Monitor Your Calorie Intake

This step to start a weight loss plan requires a mobile app. Hinar is using MyFitnessPal to track her consumption of calories in every meal. 

The app helps her monitor the nutrients and food she would need everyday to manage her weight. Food tracking could help avoid too much or too little nutrients in the body, which both play a role in weight loss. 

Plan Your Workout Schedule

Hinar’s weight loss program involves resistance training and cardio sessions. But her workout schedule starts at night. 

She admitted to being a “night owl,” which makes her more active in the evening but struggles to move early in the morning. Your Body Program provides customized weight loss plans based on the preference and availability of an individual. 

Weight Maintaining the weight after achieving weight loss goals is important by keeping up an equal motivation and focus. Pixabay

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