5 Of The Goofiest-Looking Dinosaurs That Ever Walked This Planet

Think dinosaurs are always so majestic and powerful-looking? Think again, because some of them look downright silly or outright questionable. Here’s a handy guide.

5 Of The Goofiest-Looking Dinosaurs That Ever Lived

Thanks to iconic movies like “Jurassic Park,” we usually feel a collective “wowwww” whenever we think of the giant, ancient lizard behemoths that are the dinosaurs. Fierce, gigantic and simply jaw-dropping to look at, the idea that creatures with this much size and power used to walk our lands always sets our imagination alight, making us wonder what it would be like to see a Tyrannosaurus rex walking in the far distance or a pack of Raptors chasing a prey.

Unfortunately, the reality is that a lot of these dinosaurs didn’t get the Spielberg movie-treatment. And while they did have some great evolutionary ideas, a lot of them just ended up looking silly or even questionable.

Here are some of them, along with a good old-fashioned roast:


Don’t let the name fool you. It might sound like something majestic, but the actual dinosaur looked like a lizard that fell onto a box of hockey sticks, only to have some of those stick on its back forever. It’s basically a lizard, with unbearably large hockey-stick looking spines on its back. Our only question is: why?


We all know the Diplodocus, right? Giant, grass-eating dinosaur that had a long tail to act as a counterweight for its long neck? Of course we do. Well, take that long neck, put it onto a dinosaur body that’s much, much smaller for it, send it out into the Jurassic Period then you basically have Mamenchisaurus. How this beast was able to even balance its neck on its body is a mystery.


If the Triceratops was the officially released song, then Kosmoceratops is the unfinished demo left in the phone of the songwriters. It’s basically a Triceratops, but instead of protruding horns to help act as defense, it has knobs that all point inward as if it wants to protect itself… from itself. We’re kidding. We appreciate you, Kosmoceratops.


Ahh, Mother Nature, you never fail to make us laugh. Remember when you were an edgy teenager and you added spikes to your leather jacket? That’s basically the Masiakasaurus, only in dinosaur form. The thing has way too many teeth for its own sake, possibly to help protect itself since it’s quite the tiny boy.


Now this is just ridiculous. Looking like the result of you pressing “randomize” on a character creation button, the Incisivosaurus is basically a goose with a reptile head and some tiny feathery arms? Look, we agreed on the theory that dinosaurs have feathers, but we didn’t mean it like this. Well, at least it tried. We can acknowledge that, Incisivosaurus. Now please try some more.

dinosaur “Unfortunately, the Jurassic Park scenario must remain in the realms of fiction,” the researchers concluded. shvmoz, CC BY-SA 2.0

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