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5 Olive Leaf Extract Health Benefits

In the early 1800s, olive leaves were crushed and mixed with liquids to treat fevers and then later on malaria. The Morrocans used olives to stabilize diabetes. The reason for its ubiquitous usage is the presence of many bioactive compounds such as oleuropein, flavonoids and secoiridoids with antioxidant properties.

Of them, oleuropein is a powerful polyphenol and compound in olive lead, that has been proven to treat heart problems and blood pressure, while also showing anticancer results in animals. It can be consumed in various forms, be it in tea, extract, and powder.

The extracts can be purchased online or at a nearby drug store. Five to 10 drops of olive leaf extract comes in handy along with facial creams and lotions. When it comes to tea bags they can also be availed online, and then place dried olive leaves in hot water for ten minutes, sprinkle organic honey or lemon for taste.  

Today the olive leaf is known for its many health benefits such as the following:

Brain Function

Olive leaf’s most beneficial compound oleuropein, has been proven by studies to reduce risk of dementia. Alzheimer's is associated with free radicals and since olive leaf has antioxidants, it could be an aid to slowing down the onset of the disease. The oleuropein also reduces the level of cognitive impairment in people with brain degenerative diseases.

Anticancer Effect

Olive leaves are known to have the power to obstruct the angiogenic process that promotes tumor growth. Antioxidant and anti-angiogenic  properties put a stop to the movement and spread of tumor cells. Olive leaf extract can also be used to prevent different kinds of cancer due to its healing properties: breast cancer, urinary bladder cancer and brain cancer.

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Studies done on rats induced with arthritis, showed that olive extracts brought down the inflammation and swelling in the joints of rats. Chronic pain from osteoarthritis affects 33 million adults in the U.S. Studies have proven that olive leaf extracts stop the production of enzymes causing inflammation in the body, therefore decreasing pain.


Olive Leaf extracts can help bring down blood sugar parameters in people who are obese or genetically prone to diabetes. It’s because of the polyphenols that obstructs the production of sugar, and prevents the escalation to diabetes. Polyphenols also help bring down blood glucose in people coping with prediabetes.

Heart health

Olive leaf extracts can lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure, thus automatically reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.A study by the School of Medical Sciences in Australia was on rats induced with a high fat diet for up to 16 weeks. They soon developed all the markers for cardiovascular problems. When the rats were treated with olive leaf extracts, it reversed cardiovascular stress significantly.