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5 Reasons To Not Get Married, According To Science

Societal norms and cultural traditions aside, marriage is an important step in life for many. For many, it’s to be man's sign of stability, of accepting life as it is, and of settling down and starting your own family. At least, that’s what it used to be.

Nowadays however, it’s a lot more different. In fact, if you think marriage is the stuff of nightmares and you’d rather be not tied down at all, then you’re part of a rapidly growing demographic.

And if you’re a millennial, then you’re part of an age group where 29 percent said that they don’t want to be married because they’re financially capable, 26 percent said they haven’t found someone yet, and another 26 percent saying they’re simply too young.

Whatever the reason is, couples simply feel a lesser need to tie the knot, and feel much more comfortable cohabiting and raising kids outside marriage.

In any case, here are five valid reasons as to why “I do” might not be for you:

  1. They’re expensive – There’s really no other way to go about it, wedding are expensive, even the ones that are small and D.I.Y. Add to the fact that today’s largest age group grew up in the recession and are still experiencing its effects today. Statistics also show that today's couple who choose to get married are typically financially stable and capable.
  2. It’s not (legally) necessary anymore – With the rise of domestic partnership, couples no longer need to get married for legal reasons. It’s not just a fancy term for living together either, since it’s legally recognized and gives a couple the same benefits as married ones get.
  3. Living together is now common – The number of unmarried couples who live together have increased throughout the last few years, making cohabitation as common as marriage. Later generations also believe that couples “shacking up,” as the term, doesn’t make a difference in society.
  4. Fear of divorce – It may be thinking too straight ahead, but for most people, the idea of all the financial, legal and emotional stress that comes with divorce is just not worth it to get married in the first place. Splitting up after cohabitation is much more simpler and easier for both parties involved.
  5. People simply don’t believe in it – At the end of the day, marriage is just marriage. A lot of people don’t believe in it and think it’s an outdated institution. Besides, most people can still find happiness even without “tying the knot,” so to speak.

Marriage Men are more likely than women to reap the health benefits of a good marriage, but are also more likely to experience adverse health effects of a bad one. Brooke Cagle/Unsplash