5 Tech Podcasts For The Inquisitive Mind

For the most part, both science and technology have always been viewed as obscure, boring and drab. They’re dry, best left to “smart” people who spent years studying them and is very unaccessible. This is why the “nerdy science kid” trope in movies is made, and it’s why they’re usually the ones getting picked on.

However, with today’s technological advancements and climate, learning science has never been easier. Multiple phone apps give you the tools to be a home scientist yourself and even podcast science and technology programs.

Interested to jump in their fray? Here are five of them you should lend an ear to, as well as a couple hours of your time.

  1. Reply All – From picking apart various mysterious internet memes to observing viral trends, this warm and oftentimes reflective podcast tells stories about the internet. But that’s just at the surface, since beneath it lies countless stories of rich human experiences and encounters, all hilariously told by the back-and-forth hosts, PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman.
  2. Flash Forward – True to its title, the Flash Forward podcast explores theoretical futures, all imagined by the show’s host, Rose Eveleth. Each episode of the show starts with an imagined setting of the subject, followed by interviews, the possible science behind it and potential pros and cons. Due to the show’s subject matters, the podcast will definitely appeal to those who like the similarly-themed show ‘Black Mirror.’
  3. Science Rules! With Bill Nye – It can’t get any better or simple than this. Hosted by Bill Nye, a key figure in science education, is a fun-filled podcast that sees Nye himself journeying on his quest to prove that science is for everyone. The show regularly features science journalist Corey S. Powell, who answers listeners questions with Bill Nye.
  4. Hidden Brain – Starting out as a segment on NPR’s ‘Morning Edition,’ the ‘Hidden Brain’ is NPR’s own contribution to the scientific space, often focusing on mind exploration. Hosted by Shankar Vedantam, the show focuses on a different aspect of either human behavior or society every week, and tries to understand the underlying science behind it. It may sound complex, but the Vedantum’s lighthearted wit and delivery makes the show a really enjoyable listen.
  5. Note to Self – Hosted by former BBC reporter Manoush Zomorodi, this particular podcast explores our relationship with modern technology, as well as its pros and cons. The show mainly focuses on how it can either alienate or connect us, made accessible and endearing to listen to by Zomorodi’s compassion and charm.

microphone-338481_960_720 Podcasts are all the rage the days, talking about various topics from celebrity drama, to music, and of course, science and technology. Photo by Pixabay (CC0)