5 Tips For Instant Migraine Relief Without Taking Medicine

People pay their respects while drinking a coffee inside Pellegrini's on November 13, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. Here are five simple and medically proven ways to avoid or reduce the pain from migraine and other headaches. Michael Dodge/Getty Images

The effects of migraine and other types of headaches can bring tolerable to extreme pain, which may affect one’s activities for the entire day. One may experience nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity aside from a pounding headache.

There are a lot of medications and pain relievers available for all kinds of headaches. However, experts warn that such meds may work, but some people could experience side effects. Headache medications may cause sleepiness, fatigue, racing heartbeat, nausea and difficulty thinking. 

Good thing there are alternative ways that people can try to ease the pain without taking any drug. Below are simple and scientifically proven ways to treat migraine and other headaches without taking medicine:

1. Drink coffee 

Get some caffeine. It may also be from tea and other products. 

Taking it early in the day or as you start to feel symptoms of headaches increases the chance of easing the pain. However, limit your consumption as drinking too much could later lead to caffeine withdrawal, which can cause its own type of headache, according to WebMD.

You can take products even with a little caffeine in it. 

2. Try cold pack or hot compress 

Placing a cold pack on your forehead or a heating pad on the neck or the back of the head can help reduce the pain from migraine. You can also use ice cubes wrapped in a towel or a warm cloth on the area that hurts. 

Compress on your head for 15 minutes and take a break for another 15 minutes.

3. Get rid of that ponytail 

An external pressure on the scalp or head, like a tight ponytail, hat, headband or even swimming goggles, could cause a headache. One study showed that women who loosened their hair immediately saw their headache disappear.

4. Say no to chewing gum

Chewing is one of the unknown causes of headaches. Chewing gum, crunchy and sticky food and biting fingernails, lips and pens can trigger headaches. 

5. Avoid bright lights

Bright or flickering light can cause migraines. Simply cover the windows with blackout curtains during the day, wear sunglasses outdoors or use anti-glare screens on computers to help reduce the pain.