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5 US Cities At Risk Of Coastal Flooding

As a result of the steadily worsening climate change, ice from the Arctic have started melting that it's contributing to rising sea levels, a problem already worsened by landslides and land abuse. It’s a devastating realization and a problem that will only get worse if most of humanity continues to set the environment aside for other matters.

Of course, there are proposed solutions. But this is the situation we are in now, and here’s how 5 most at risk of coastal flooding cities of the U.S. are preparing for it:

  1. New York City – With the New York Bay at risk of delivering massive coastal damage, the big apple’s panel on climate change has decided to release a report back in March that illustrated what kind of threat it is facing. Back in May, the city’s Office of Emergency Management also started an adaptation project by installing sandbags in the lower Manhattan area. At the moment, more permanent solutions are still being studied.
  2. Tampa – As part of southern Florida, Tampa is no stranger to flooding, owing it to the state’s flat landscape and numerous rivers and marshes. However, Tampa’s Climate Science Advisory Panel recommended back in April that the city should start preparing for rising sea levels, anticipating a rise of around 30 to 76 centimeters by 2050. However, a timeline for any upcoming adaptation project is yet to be announced.
  3. Miami – Also in Florida, the city is not just at risk from rising sea levels, but also from the water seeping through the city’s limestone foundations that can cause massive damage if left on its own. And so, after Hurricane Irma’s $50 billion worth of damages, the city decided to fund numerous coastal resilience projects. One such project is the reconstruction of a better drainage collection system.
  4. New Orleans – As a result of sinking landmass, flood-prone rivers and rising sea levels, Louisiana (and by default, New Orleans) is one of the country’s most flood-prone states. Thankfully, the city of New Orleans have already released a $40 billion plan to help restore shorelines, build levees and even relocate communities if push comes to shove. By year 2022, the first of these projects to ensure the safety of New Orleans residents would be complete.
  5. Boston – As one of the most active cities in terms of adaption (and with neighborhood-level projections of sea level rise to boot), the city has already started adaptation projects in numerous areas. This includes South Boston, Charlestown and East Boston. Additionally, around 10 percent of the city’s capital budget has also been pledged for resiliency projects by the city’s current Mayor.

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