5 Ways To Thrive At Work Based On Brain Science

For most of us, working is something that we have to do for the bulk of our life, for some even more. This means that how we manage our time, as well as what we do with it, is important in order to make sure that they’re well spent because these are things that we can’t get back.

Thankfully, the amount of brain science that we know today can easily help lead us to a much better path, giving us strategies that can help us thrive both in and out of the workplace. Here are some of the best strategies that you can start practicing today.

Tell Stories

Work culture wants us to go straight to the point with facts but telling a story can do more good since it engages multiple parts of the brain, which then leads to better understanding and engagement. One study even showed that this can help with better retention of even the tiniest details.

Take Breaks

And we mean take breaks, not just downtime where you still work to be “efficient.” Just like you, your brain also needs to recharge in order to function throughout the day. So take that break and spend it on something other than work.

Find Green Spaces

A large amount of research shows that nature can help our brain function optimally, and so looking at greenery, even if it’s a small potted plant, every now and then can help give our brains space to breathe.

Get Moving

It’s no secret at this point, but our brains are also wired for physical movement. For you, this means quick exercises, such as taking a walk during your break, stretching, or even doing a quick round of jumping jacks in the office.


No man is an island, and as such, our brains need time to socialize too. So take a break and have a quick chat with your deskmate, it might help reduce your stress and earn you a new friend in the process. This can be draining for some people, and so it’s best to also socialize at your own capacity.

Workstation It was suggested that employees in open bench seating arrangements are more likely to seek privacy by moving around. Shridhar Gupta/Unsplash