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5 Yoga Poses For Improved Blood Circulation

The act of increasing one’s blood flow throughout the body can help anyone feel much more energized since it increases both the physical and mental performance of a person. Over the past decades, it has been known that yoga is one of the many activities that tend to promote blood circulation.

If you ask someone for a common yoga pose that promotes blood circulation, they would typically answer “leg up to the wall.” However, did you know that there are other numerous poses for increasing your circulation? Check out five of them below.

1. Seated Twist Pose

This pose tends to momentarily cut off the blood circulation to your digestive organs and detoxification organs. As soon as you untwist, they will receive a rush of blood, resulting in the stimulation of essential elements.

To do the seated pose, you have to sit with both of your legs extended forward. Keep your spine straight. Then, lift and bend your right leg over the left leg, while gently twisting your torso.

2. Forward Fold

The forward fold is the perfect yoga pose for promoting mental clarity and a fresh dose of energy. It allows blood circulation to the upper parts of your body, such as your brain.

Start with a mountain pose, exhale and slowly fold forward. You have to bend your elbows while holding on to each at the same time. You can sway from side to side or you can hold this pose for about a minute or so.

3. Plow Pose

The plow pose effectively re-circulates the blood from the lower parts of your body to the upper parts.

Simple lie flat on the mat with your arms extended on the side. Slowly lift your legs and torso upward with the support of your arms, back and shoulder.

4. Pigeon Pose

When it comes to a pigeon pose, start with a downward-facing dog position. Then, go into a three-legged dog, while bringing your right knee forward, which must be in line with your right hand. Your left leg must be extended to the back and your knee should rest on the ground.

Square your hips and fold forward, while your forehead rests on your hands. With this pose, it would be best to hold for about five minutes on each leg.

5. Happy Baby

The happy baby yoga pose is the perfect choice if you want to increase blood circulation to the lower body, as well as the root chakra. The root chakra is responsible for security and stability. It is composed of whatever grounds you to a stable life. You see, yoga can physically and mentally change you.

This pose is probably the easiest one to do. Start with a flat back on the yoga mat. Bend your knees and grab your feet through its outer edges. Then, slowly but firmly drag them down to the ground.

Yoga Indian yoga instructors perform yoga postures at Anahata Yoga Zone in Hyderabad on June 11, 2019, ahead of the International Yoga Day. NOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty Images