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5 YouTubers Share Their Mental Health Struggles

There are various mental health outreach projects available today, but one of the ways that individuals are hoping to make a difference is by sharing their experiences with their mental health problems on video platforms like YouTube.

Below are 5 YouTubers who endeavored to raise awareness about various mental health conditions:

1. Rose Ellen Dix

Over the years, Dix has recorded her experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder, offering her accounts of this commonly misunderstood condition that can cause instability in one's relationships and damage self-perceptions. She is straightforward about her disorder and she has admitted that it has dramatically impacted her relationships. Various problems had surfaced due to this, pushing her to seek diagnosis and treatment.

2. Melanie Murphy

Murphy still finds it difficult to share her thoughts on mental health. Over the past years, she has struggled with her body image and how her low self-esteem has gotten the best of her. It’s always an issue that is lodged into your brain that the obvious way out is to simply stop beating yourself up, she said. Fortunately, with the continuous support that she receives from her friends and family, she is slowly accepting that her flaws make her who she is today.

3. Rebecca Jane Brown

Also known as Beckie0, Brown has unflinchingly narrated in multiple videos her journey with trichotillomania, illuminating this frequently overlooked impulse disorder and providing advice and support to those who are experiencing the same issues.

4. Laura Lejeune

Lejeune has a beautiful and active channel where she speaks with an openness and an admirable lightness about sensitive topics like body image, social anxiety, self-harm and obsessive-compulsive disorder. She candidly narrates her experiences online, outlining the value of coming forward to raise the aforesaid issues and the need to open the eyes of those who do not see these yet.

5. Jonny Benjamin

Benjamin's YouTube channel is a venue for his talks about living with what is known as schizoaffective disorder, which is characterized by periods of psychosis and other mood problems such as depression and mania. Benjamin has also vlogged about his work being intertwined with his mental health problem, all the difficulties he has faced in trying to deliver his message, as well as the learning experiences he went through.

Rose Ellen Dix Rose Ellen Dix (L) and Roseanne Spaughton aka Rose and Rosie receive the award for Best British Vlogger at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards 2017 at Wembley Arena on October 22, 2017 in London, England. Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/ Getty Images