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7 Benefits Coconut Oil Can Give To Hair And Scalp

Coconut oil is an all-natural solution to softer, silkier and healthier hair. It contains nutrients that strengthen the strands and promote hair growth through the scalp. In fact, some hair products contain traces of coconut due to its ability to prevent damage and revitalize your hair.

Below is a list of all the benefits coconut oil gives to the hair and scalp:

Protects from damage

Coconut oil is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids that fight off bacteria, virus and fungus that damage the hair. Constant use of the fruit extract improves your scalp health, helps retain proteins, supports hair growth and makes your hair revitalized and fully nourished, according to Dr. Axe.

Prevents breakage

According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, damaged hair is a result of protein loss. This occurs when you shampoo your hair frequently and results in less hair surface lipid matter. This process adversely affects the structure of your hair and results in dull, unhealthy hair. As a remedy, the coconut oil’s lauric acid content penetrates inside the hair shaft and repairs damaged hair. A good way to prevent breakage is by adding coconut oil as a post-wash grooming solution.

Protects from the sun

A narrative review in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition claimed that coconut oil shields from UV damage, which is due to too much exposure from the sun that dehydrates the hair.

Appropriate for regular use

Coconut oil does not include chemicals found in commercial products, making it appropriate for regular use. According to a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, coconut oil reduces protein loss when used regularly.

Softens hair

You can use it as a conditioner after cleaning the strands with shampoo. This prevents the hair from getting damaged by the chemicals found in the shampoo and ensures protein sufficiency in your hair.

Promotes hair growth

The lauric acid in coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft and improves the overall health of the hair. As a result, your hair would grow longer and thicker over time. It also addresses hair loss caused by internal issues, since it is high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Gets rid of dandruff

Dandruff is an itchy condition associated with dry skin or your scalp’s high sensitivity to harsh chemicals contained in hair products. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil target external agents such as fungus, bacteria and virus that make dandruff worse.

Use a quarter teaspoon of coconut oil for short hair or half a teaspoon for longer, thicker hair and warm the solution in your palms. Gently apply after you shampoo and leave it on for one to two hours before rinsing off. If you wish to use it as a hair treatment, you may also leave it on overnight and rinse it in the morning.