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7 Fitness And Diet Hacks From Jennifer Lopez

If you’ve seen the halftime show, then you certainly know what we’re talking about: Jennifer Lopez (along with Shakira) easily killed that performance, and it’s easy to forget that the woman is already 50 years old since she easily makes it look like 30.

Sporting abs, a toned upper body and of course that mega-toned butt, J.Lo looks amazing for her age, but it’s important to know that a body like that takes work. A lot of work, including a strict diet and a fitness plan.

So if you want to start on your way, here are some of the fitness rules that she lives by:

Always stay hydrated

And when we mean hydrated, we mean water folks. Good ol’ H2O. Not coffee, and certainly not alcohol. In fact, consumption of those two should be very limited. If you want to be like J.Lo, start with seven glasses of water a day.

Try “No carbs, no sugar” challenge

Earlier this year, J.Lo started a ten-day no carb and no sugar challenge with her boyfriend, which is similar to a ketogenic diet.

Lean proteins, vegetables and complex carbs

These are three things to stick to on your diet, in addition to water. J.Lo sticks to it strictly, and she recently stated that she only gets it from a few sources: grass-fed beef, egg whites, chicken breasts and white meat turkey. She also eats a lot of fish to get her Omega-3s, and her carbs come from sweet potatoes or brown rice.

Eat organic

As hard as it may sound, this means no fried and processed foods, or at the very least, they should be kept to a bare minimum. Thankfully, there are no cons to eating organic like vegetables.

Eat protein to overcome cravings

Even J.Lo gets cravings, but she deals with it by eating every two to three hours to support her metabolism. However, she doesn’t snack on sweets or processed food. Instead, she eats vegetables.

Never skip a workout

Even if you don’t work out as hard as her, make sure you never skip gym day. And always be moving.

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez (C) performs onstage during the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Jennifer Lopez actually do things that others can too to improve their body with a simple routine, clean diet and a strict workout regimen. Kevin Winter/Getty Images