7 Best Stuffy Nose Remedies One Can Do At Home

Nasal congestion is caused by the swelling of the nasal tissues or by inflammation caused by infections. Not only is this condition common among humans, but it is also extremely uncomfortable.

Since humans co-exist in a world where bacteria and viruses flourish, getting a stuffy nose is a common occurrence.

As per Medical News Today, nasal congestion is caused by allergic rhinitis and viral infections. Allergic rhinitis occurs when your immune system protects itself from a substance that is not necessarily harmful. These include dust, pet dander and flower’s pollens. This then leads to a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and stuffy nose.

On the other hand, viral infections such as those that cause the common cold also lead to nasal congestion. If these causes remain untreated, they could develop into serious illnesses such as bronchitis and sinusitis.

Below are seven stuffy nose remedies that you can easily perform at home.


According to Health Line, liquids help deplete mucus in your nasal passages. This decreases the pressure in your sinuses and relieves the puffiness. Drinking water, sports drinks and fruit juices does the trick.

Hot Therapy

Hot therapy also works miracles for those suffering from nasal congestion. The steam from a shower also thins out the mucus and eliminates inflammation. It also temporarily regulates your breathing.


Breathing in moist air soothes stuffy nose. Using a humidifier to increase a room’s humidity relaxes your sinuses and eases swollen blood vessels in the nose. Humidifiers also thins mucus and helps to push phlegm out.

Drain Sinuses

The U.S Food and Drug Administration recommended the use of distilled or sterile water in draining your sinuses. You can use a Neti pot for this remedy and flush out the fluids from your nasal passages.

Stand with your head over sink and insert the spout in one nostril. Incline it until you feel the water inside your nose. The water would then go out to your other nostril. Repeat the same process on the other side.

Saline Spray

Saline is a saltwater solution that increases the moisture in your nostrils. It also decreases inflammation and helps in pushing mucus out of your system. Other sprays contain decongestants, but you need to consult with your doctor before buying those.


These are specifically made to relieve nasal pain and swelling caused by irritated nasal passages. Most of these medicines do not require a doctor’s prescription and may be bought as pills or nasal sprays. You must consult with a doctor if you wish to use this remedy for more than three days.


If your stuffy nose is caused by an allergic reaction, antihistamines reduce the swelling and unclog the passages. It is not advisable if you have a long day ahead. When taken with decongestants, you can get drowsy a few minutes after and this could affect your productivity.