7 Superfoods To Enhance Your Immunity Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Up to date, there is no proven cure yet for the novel coronavirus that has slowed down daily life for months. However, there are other things that you can do to "flatten the curve" and contain this deadly global pandemic.

Along with proper hygiene, frequent house cleaning/disinfecting and regular exercise, one way to prevent the virus from hitting you hard is by keeping your immune system healthy and kicking. And there is no better way to enhance your immunity than by following a healthy diet packed with natural health-boosting food -- along with what some consider as "superfood."

Speaking to Elle U.K., model and nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson defined superfood as a type of food that is "considered more nutritionally dense than other foods." According to her, "the list is actually endless as to what may be classed as a superfood, but a superfood can be considered a superfood because of one or two potent nutritional ingredients." 

Packed with vitamins, minerals and other potent health-boosting ingredients, the following expert-recommended superfoods are guaranteed to enhance your immunity amid the coronavirus crisis:


"Fish is a wonderful example as it is loaded with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, especially wild organic salmon or mackerel," as per Ferguson.


"Spinach is a superfood by default because of its dense nutritional make up as it is absolutely loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like folate, vitamin C and zinc," Ferguson said.


Normally used in making savory dishes, ginger is a spicy root that stops inflammation and any sign of cold and flu.

"(Ginger is) great to add to a post-workout smoothie. It reduces nausea, too, and is amazing as (an) herbal tea," according to her.


Used as a flavor-boosting ingredient in cooking savory dishes, garlic is a plant superstar that is packed with various health benefits.

"(Garlic) has been revered for its medicinal properties for hundreds of years," Ferguson said. "It is thought to benefit more than 150 different conditions and has benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory (properties) to anti-viral (properties) to antioxidant (properties)." 

Pumpkin Seeds 

Zinc, Ferguson explained, supports healthy immune system function, wound healing and nervous system function. She advised snacking on a handful of pumpkin seeds to get a daily dose of this essential trace mineral.


"Turmeric has antiseptic, analgesic and immune boosting properties (that serve) as a line of defense against colds, flu and inflammation due to the active polyphenol called curcumin," Amanda Griggs, nutritionist at the Khera-Griggs Cleanse Clinic at the Urban Retreat in London, explained.

Citrus Fruits 

Citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges are both inexpensive and packed with vital anti-inflammatory vitamins and nutrients, including the immunity-boosting vitamin C. 

"Vitamin C is important as our first line of defense to strengthen immunity against invading pathogens, viruses, and bacteria," Griggs said. She added that squeezing lemons on leafy, dark-green-colored vegetables, beans and other iron-rich vegetarian foods can increase your body’s ability to absorb iron that is essential for healthy immune function.

vitamin C, citrus fruits Image Keith Williamson/Flickr