There are many types of tea available that are great for your health. One of them is also one of the most popular: the black-tea-based Earl Grey tea. 

Though named after the 19th century British Prime Minister Earl Charles Grey, the Earl Grey tea is in fact native to Asia, and is now widely cultivated in Southern Italy. It is also called Bergamot tea, after the citrus that gives the tea a unique citrusy flavor.

The Earl Grey tea has some noted health benefits. Among them is that it aids in digestion; the tea contains flavonoids that fight inflammation which is linked to digestive health issues, along with Theaflavin compounds which may help treat and prevent stomach ulcer and other digestive ailments.

Listed here are some of the best Earl Grey teas that are sure to keep your stomach healthy every day. Without further ado, here are 8 of the best digestion-aiding Earl Grey tea brands:

1. Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey Tea
photo: Taylors of Harrogate

The Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey Tea is unique in that it is made from a blend of Bergamot and light and delicate Indonesian and high-altitude Southern Indian teas that balance out its distinctive taste. You can drink this delicious tea with or without milk.

2. Bigelow Earl Grey Black Tea
photo: Bigelow

The Bigelow Earl Grey Black Tea delivers peak flavor, freshness and aroma as each tea comes individually wrapped in a foil pouch. Kosher, and free of gluten and calories, this hand-picked black tea is blended with real Calabrian bergamot oil from Italy. 

3. Ahmad Tea Aromatic Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea
photo: Ahmad Tea

The Ahmad Tea Aromatic Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea proves the brand's mettle as a proud member of the prestigious United Kingdom Tea Council. This well-packaged tea is flavored with bergamot, giving it a distinctly rich and aromatic taste and flavor that will bring joy to your stomach.

4. Vahdam Earl Grey Tea
photo: Vahdam

Packaged in a double-seal zip-lock bag, the Vahdam Earl Grey Tea is not just for making warm and delicious Earl Grey tea; it can be even used to create Kombucha tea or iced tea as well! Proceeds of its sales are redirected to benefit the children of India's tea growers.

5. Numi Aged Earl Grey Organic Tea
photo: Numi

Made of organic Assam black tea with hints of Italian bergamot, the Numi Aged Earl Grey Organic Tea delivers a more natural and organic twist to your cup. It comes in a convenient tea bag that ensures that your tea is freshly brewed and served.

6. Twinings Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea
photo: Twinings

Flavored with distinctive Bergamot citrus notes, the Twinings Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea packs a unique and refreshing floral aroma that will brighten up your day. Available in 3.53 and 7.05-ounce tins, this fresh and fragrant black tea is simple to prepare, taking just 3 minutes to make a single serving.

7. Harney And Sons Earl Grey Supreme
photo: Harney And Son

Made of a blend of four black teas, silver tips and Bergamot oil, the Harney And Sons Earl Grey Supreme delivers a unique lemony flavor without the need of a lemon slice. This one comes in a tin of 20 Earl Grey tea sachets.

8. Tazo Earl Grey Black Tea
photo: Tazo

Packed with high caffeine levels, the Tazo Earl Grey Black Tea is perfect either for drinking in the morning or as a pick-me-up in the afternoon! This unique blend of various black teas is handpicked and sourced from different parts of the world, and is enhanced with a refreshing Bergamot essence with hints of vanilla.