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Actress Gina Rodriguez Opens Up About Mental Health

Actress Gina Rodriguez candidly revealed her experiences with depression attached to suicidal thoughts. The “Jane the Virgin” star has brought up her struggles with anxiety during a talk with Kate Snow, an NBC correspondent, at The Kenny Forum in Chicago.

In the course of the conversation, Rodriguez, who recently lost her father-in-law to suicide, told Snow that she started dealing with outpourings of emotion at the age of 16, an emblematic feature of those slowly approaching adulthood. However, these sentimental inundations, she said, eventually transformed and adopted a much uglier façade, which is depression.

She went on and recalled a few moments in her life to illustrate her thoughts further. “I started dealing with the idea of that same concept that I think your husband was talking about,” Rodriguez said. She noted that she would often reassure herself that everything’s going to be better when she is gone.

Rodriguez said she used to think that life would be easier and all her problems and woes would immediately disappear if everything around her was cut short. Rodriguez admitted that she had carried these negative contemplations for years. However, not one member of her family had spoken up about mental health when she was growing up. As a result of that passiveness, she learned to keep all of her feelings to herself.

Now, Rodriguez wishes to teach young individuals about the benefits of seeking therapy and let them know that it is entirely normal to want to talk about their mental health. She said these subject matters should penetrate more conversations today. These issues should never go unnoticed.

Rodriguez is one of the many celebrities who recently opened up about what it is like to suffer mental health issues. Because of her bravery, more and more notable personalities are contributing and prolonging the discussion on mental health.

Actress Sophie Turner and singer Billie Eilish had spoken up about their experiences and shed light on the benefits of treatments, rousing the attention towards getting help. To sustain this thought, it really is the stigma that prevents many people from pursuing treatment. In general, a lot of individuals put off or fail to receive necessary assessments or medications due in part to the humiliation that surrounds mental health problems.

Health experts said that the more people talk about mental health, especially those in the public eye, the faster it would be to destigmatize mental health issues. Also, it is important to remember that mental health problems do not connote weakness. Instead, they could be a sign of empowerment, persistence and strength.

Gina Rodriguez Gina Rodriguez attends the Paley Center For Media's 2019 PaleyFest LA - "Jane The Virgin" and "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." JB Lacroix/Getty Images