Adult Acne: Best Supplements To Combat Condition

Did you know that about 80 percent of those aged 11 to 30 is affected by acne vulgaris? In fact, the majority of these individuals are in their adulthood years.

Adult acne is often referred to as hormonal acne. This is because hormones, skin cells abnormalities, bacteria, stress levels and genetics play an essential part in the production of acne.

The good news is that you can treat adult acne with medication, a change in lifestyle and proper diet. In terms of medication, here are some of the best supplements to combat adult acne.

Vitamin D

There have been numerous studies concluding how acne is associated with low levels of vitamin D in the body. One of the studies stated that about 50 percent of the 80 individuals with adult acne involved in the research had vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin B

There are also studies that concluded how supplementing with B vitamins can eliminate adult acne in some individuals. This is one of the vitamins for acne scars. However, in some individuals, B vitamins can trigger acne.

Green Tea

Green tea is known to be very beneficial because of its potent antioxidants that are shown to have very powerful anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, the consumption of green tea can greatly benefit those who are suffering from adult acne. The best part is that green tea is very accessible and widely available.

Fish Oil

Some evidence showed how supplementing with fish oil that is very rich in omega 3 can greatly reduce and eliminate acne severity in some individuals. However, much like B vitamins, there are also some studies that showed otherwise. The results are always mixed, with some adults experiencing even worse symptoms of adult acne.


Zinc has proven itself capable of treating various skin conditions and maintaining skin health. As a result, experts have started testing its capability of treating adult acne. Oral zinc supplements have been shown to improve acne severity in most people.


For our last point on the best multivitamins for acne, probiotics have proven itself capable of treating acne scars and reducing your chance of having skin inflammation. Furthermore, it has been used by many individuals around the globe who have suffered from adult acne.

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