Coronavirus Cases In Alabama Reportedly Skyrocketing

Alabama is already at phase two of its reopening plans and the number of COVID-19 cases continues to go up. Regardless, it appears the state is moving forward despite the rising numbers, raising concerns on seeing more people having to deal with the deadly strain moving forward.

New single-day records are a cause of concern, particularly in the last four days. As pointed out in a report by Forbes, there were over 4,000 cases reported Sunday alone. This is the first time that this occurred since the outbreak started. The recent record jump comes not long after recent weeks with notable increases in coronavirus cases happening in past weeks.

The Alabama Political Reporter is keeping track of the rise in COVID-19 cases. Per the report, the new cases affecting the state has increased each day over the past week. The data shown on Sunday shows 1,014 new cases, the first time that a staggering 1,000 one day increase happened. And looking ahead, this problem could lead to other concerns such as hospitalizations and possibly a bump in death rates related to the coronavirus.

Hospitalization in Alabama is also rising. The recent update Sunday also showed a rise in the seven-day average of admitted patients tied to the COVID-19.  The report revealed 599 admissions, the highest number since the pandemic began. Tied up to that are the number of people testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. The seven-day daily average for positive tests also rose to 13.9 percent, the highest since April, according to the Reporter.

Deaths related to COVID-19 showed a slight increase as well. From last Sunday's eight deaths per day, the recent report showed a slight bump to 11. With reopening plans continuing, these numbers could continue to rise. Outside Alabama, the rise in cases is also being experienced in other states. The list includes Texas, Florida and South Carolina.

COVID-19 and restaurant reopening Health experts said that people should continue practicing social distancing and other safety measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in restaurants and bars. Pixabay

Reopening states has resulted in more people in public and the best thing to do is to take necessary preventive measures. This includes wearing masks, observing social distancing and higher attention to proper hygiene. Most are discouraged from going out of their homes unless truly necessary.

With mass protests and rallies tied to racial discrimination and police brutality happening in states, experts see a further increase in COVID-19 cases. Social distancing is not practiced and some individuals are joining these mass gatherings without wearing masks. Right now, the best locals can do is practice the health guidelines set and stay indoors to avoid contracting the coronavirus strain.