Are Aliens More Common Than We Thought?

Thanks to various forms of media, the idea of aliens have cemented themselves in our minds, brought on by different depictions portrayed in movies, books and even videogames. This has resulted in a slew of actual scientists and experts looking for signs of intelligent life elsewhere, in any form or shape.

Unfortunately, the current search has been for naught, turning up neither little green men nor wide-eyed grey E.T. types.

With that in mind, however, a new claim by scientists state that alien life could be more common than we thought. However, the catch is that any extraterrestrial life in the universe is most likely inhabiting a different star system. Either that, or they’re very far away.

Alien Life

This claim came from a new theory, which explores the possibility of our planet having a theoretical twin, which would make our star system a binary one.  From this, the researchers found out that in around 87 percent of the cases, the twin planets are tilted toward being Earth-like. And since our planet is in the so-called "goldilocks zone," the possibility of having complex life is much higher.

Per the researchers, these types of star systems are found scattered across the vast universe, meaning that there’s a likelihood that in some distant binary star system, alien life is flourishing under a sky with two suns. In fact, the research also illustrates how these binary star systems are much more common than our single-starred one.

"Multiple-star systems are common, and about 50% of stars have binary companion stars. So, this study can be applied to a large number of solar systems,” said Gongjie Li, the study's co-investigator and an assistant professor at Georgia Tech's School of Physics.

"In general, the separation between the stars is larger in binary systems, and then the second star has less of an effect on the model of Earth. The planet's own motion dynamics dominate other influences, and obliquity usually has a smaller variation . So, this is quite optimistic,” Li continued.

So chances are, there might be aliens, but they’re very much far away.

Alien Fermi paradox raises the question of why humans never detected traces of extraterrestrial intelligence. Pixabay