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Is Alternate-Day Fasting Effective In Reducing Weight?

A study that explored two observational analyses revealed that alternate-day fasting could result to weight loss.

First, thirty subjects were selected and asked to practice alternate-day fasting for a period of six months then compared them to a healthy control group of 60 people who did not fast.

Afterwards, the control group composed of those 60 healthy people were randomly appointed a diet plan to observe whether it is an alternate-day fasting or a regular diet for a shorter term of four weeks.

Participants in both study groups were instructed to eat at their heart’s desires every other day and to completely exclude foods and caloric drinks on the fast days.

The four-week strict alternate-day fasting was found to have not only improved cardiovascular health markers, but also reduced fat mass among the subjects.

Provided that a person’s general health condition is good, intermittent fasting was found to help decrease blood pressure and lower the risk for adverse cardiovascular events in the study.

Alternate-day fasting also decreased caloric levels by 37 percent on average and lessened fat mass while improving fat-to-lean ratio. This was made evident by the low levels of age-associated inflammatory indicator, bad fats, low-density lipoprotein and triiodothyronine, a thyroid hormone that influences the metabolic processes in the body.

No negative effects have been reported even after six months of practicing the diet.

Though the study owned that the experiment on intermittent fasting in humans are less well explored than model organisms, the results collected seem hopeful, especially in terms of losing weight.

Observing alternate-day fasting for a matter of six months is feasible without developing adverse effects. Four weeks of alternate-day fasting, on the other hand, may reduce cardiac risk scores and substantially cut calorie levels, thus the weight loss.

Fasting Fasting for 48 hours is a challenge as it can lead to exhaustion, but it also has benefits such as lowered blood sugar and reduced inflammation. It is recommended to be undertaken only if one's body can agree with it. Pixnio