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Amateur Surgeon Botches Testicle Removal In Motel Room, Pleads Guilty To Horrifying Surgery

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An untrained Australian "surgeon" was caught after botching a surgery and removing a man's testicle during an unauthorized operation. Pixabay, public domain

An Australian man has admitted to performing illegal surgery without having any medical license or training, after being caught removing a man’s left testicle in a motel room in a botched operation.

It all started when an unnamed 52-year-old man posted an online ad seeking medical help for health issues, reportedly groin problems after having been kicked by a horse years ago, according to the BBC. He got a response from Allan George Matthews, a 57-year-old unauthorized “surgeon” who offered to take care of the issue for him via surgery. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the victim didn’t have enough money to seek regular medical attention and was looking for cheaper alternatives.

The two agreed to meet at a motel in Port Macquarie, a town in New South Wales in Australia. The amateur surgeon proceeded to complete the unlicensed operation, removing the man’s left testicle. When the surgery didn’t pan out well, the victim ended up at the hospital, which led to police investigating the incident. After raiding Matthews’ apartment, police seized medical equipment, firearms, and four bottles of amyl nitrate, according to the BBC.

Matthews, 57, pleaded guilty to removing the tissue from the body of another person without consent or authority, possessing an unauthorized firearm as well as not keeping his firearms safe, and possessing or prescribing a restricted substance. Despite the medical damages the victim suffered, however, Matthews did not admit to charges of reckless grievous bodily harm in court last week. 

Botched plastic surgeries are fairly common, with uncertified and untrained “doctors” frequently offering procedures at lower cost. There's also often botched cosmetic procedures that occur with trained doctors, resulting in bizarre or even dangerous outcomes. But especially when it comes to any other type of surgical procedure, stay away from untrained "doctors" advertising their services online.