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New York Medical Schools Plan To Reopen In Late June

Reopening plans over in New York continue to progress despite COVID-19 cases still happening. The reopening of schools is a pretty sensitive matter. In-person classes were halted last March and were not expected until the fourth phase of reopening plans. It appears Gov. Andrew Cuomo has tweaked those plans as far as medical schools are concerned. There are plans to reopen them on June 22.

In a report from, schools will be allowed to reopen provided they take necessary precautions to assure the safety of students and personnel. If the proper measures are in place, schools can welcome new students by the summer or fall. Unfortunately, details on what precautions the state is expecting were not provided.

Originally, school reopening was part of the fourth and final phase of reopening plans. However, Gov. Cuomo explained that school reopenings were a bit complex. Some regions are still under phase two of the restart plans while other parts have yet to get to the second phase. Aside from medical schools, summer camps will be allowed to open on June 29. It was not mentioned if sleep-away camps are included.

About colleges, universities have taken different paths. For example, Syracuse University plans to welcome back students in person. In the case of Ithaca College, students are not expected to return until October.

Schools will also be permitted to hold drive-in and drive-through graduation ceremonies this year. However, the state will need to inspect the outdoor commencements to ensure that social distancing is properly observed.

Aside from these plans, there is a chance that the number of people affected by COVID-19 could rise in the coming weeks. Gov. Cuomo announced that they are expanding COVID-19 testing in the coming weeks. This will include people who have been part of the protests over in the United States tied up to the untimely death of George Floyd. Individuals who are interested in undergoing testing can get more information here.

The looting and riots have raised concerns about the potential further spread of the coronavirus. Most could be seen as no longer practicing social distancing, some not even wearing face masks. The State Department of Financial Services will be providing aid to businesses and centers who suffered damage from looting and vandalism by requiring New York State-regulated insurance companies to expedite the resolution and payment for claims.

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