Apple Cider Vinegar: Things You Shouldn’t Do When Consuming ACV For Better Health

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is very popular in the fitness community because of its reported health benefits. There’s been scientific evidence showing how this type of vinegar aids in weight loss, lowers blood sugar levels and helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, among others.

According to Healthline, ACV can also be used as a disinfectant because it can kill harmful bacteria. It can also be used as a common remedy for skin conditions such as eczema and dry skin. Furthermore, it can lower the risk of having a heart disease.

Due to its various health benefits and uses, many people have religiously been consuming ACV as part of their diet. Unbeknownst to many, there are some things that shouldn’t be done when consuming this alkaline vinegar because there could be unwanted consequences.

Per a recent report, there are certain things that should never be done while consuming ACV. The first one is to never brush one’s teeth after consuming it. Doing so can apparently damage the teeth since the enamel could wear away and tooth decay and cavities could become inevitable. Some experts recommend brushing the teeth at least 30 minutes after taking ACV.

The second thing that should not be done is to drink ACV after eating a meal. Experts recommend taking this alkaline vinegar on an empty stomach to ensure maximum benefits. It is always better to have it before eating a meal since ACV could help promote better digestion.

Some people think that the best way to reap the best benefits of apple cider vinegar is by consuming large doses of it. However, this is actually something that should not be done, especially among newbies to this practice. Taking too much of this solution could lead to upset stomach or feeling a burning sensation in the throat.

Lastly, one should never drink ACV before hitting the sack. Doing so could be very harmful since the alkaline vinegar could creep back up to the esophagus and cause discomfort. Experts recommend sitting upright for about 30 minutes after drinking ACV to prevent acid reflux and any irritation in the esophagus.

Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is a natural product made from fermented apples, which has been linked to faster weight loss.

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