Apple Cider Vinegar As First Morning Drink: What You Need To Know

It is no surprise anymore how apple cider vinegar is loaded with skin care benefits - from treating acne, removing dandruff and easing sunburn.

The liquid is also proven beneficial against halitosis by adding a tablespoon of it to a third of a cup of water and gargle for 20 seconds, according to Health Ambition. It can better the smell of your oral breath despite its pungent, vinegary odor.

But, how about when you take a spoonful, straight shot of this fermented liquid first thing in the morning? Find out below:

Improves Digestion

A dose of the acid in the morning balances the pH of your stomach, thus digesting food more effectively. It can also lessen bloating and prevent acid reflux as a result of improved digestion.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

According to a study at the Arizona State University, scientists found that people who drink two tablespoons of the fermented liquid paired with a snack have decreased blood sugar levels compared to those who took the same serving of water along with a snack.

This has led to the conclusion that apple cider vinegar also aids in lowering blood sugar.

Boosts Immune System

Probably one of the acid’s leading benefits when drank routinely is strengthening your immune system.

Apple cider vinegar is acidic in content, so it destroys bacteria entering your body before it can mutate to colds or coughs.

Boosts Energy

Not only does apple cider vinegar gives your immune system a kick, it also does the same with your energy.

The wonder liquid has alkalizing properties, which can keep up with your energy levels that can make you active everyday.

Detoxifies the Body

Taking a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning help cleanses your liver and detoxifies. It gets rid of toxic or unhealthy substances in your body without spending a lot of money on complex detoxifying agents.

It looks like choking down this wonder tonic as part of your morning routine is found to be also beneficial for your gut and blood sugar levels. It can potentially protect you from illness causing bacteria, get you energized and aid you getting rid of toxic substances.

Apple vinegar and apples on wooden table Think apple cider vinegar is only for salads and marinades? The healing ingredient has a wide range of uses — from regulating skin pH to aiding in weight loss. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock