Apple Watch Series 5 To Launch With Expanded Health Features

Apple has proven time and again that it wants its smartwatch series to be a tool that could help promote better health, or at least be a gadget that could help detect certain medical conditions. With the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5, this goal could be expanded with the addition of new health-centric features.

When Tim Cook’s company introduced the Apple Watch Series 4 last year, many were amazed by the inclusion of the ECG feature and fall detection functionality. The former helps detect atrial fibrillation while the latter helps users contact other people in the event that they get into an accidental fall.

Fortune learned from analysts that Apple has been developing advanced technologies that would enable the smartwatch to measure blood pressure and even glucose levels for diabetes patients. However, these features are said to be coming in the future instead of this year.

Previous leaks claimed that what fans are getting this year is an Apple app for the smartwatch, and it is one that would help users organize and remember when they took their medication. There is also reason to believe that Series 5 would debut with the ability to track menstrual cycles.

“Health and fitness has to be the primary focus for the smartwatch. It’s the one feature that people can wrap their brains around and use on a regular basis,” Ramon Llamas, research director for mobile devices at IDC, said.

Apple is holding its annual Worldwide Developer Conference or WWDC this week. And on Monday, the company officially introduced watchOS 6, the new software for the next-generation smartwatch. Among the confirmed rumored features was the one that would enable the wearable to keep track of female users’ menstrual cycle.

The menstrual cycle tracking feature is designed to not only monitor the wearer’s cycle, but also to provide notifications on their fertility windows. As per The Verge, this won’t be an Apple Watch-exclusive functionality since the tracker will also come to the iPhone. The iOS smartphone won’t even need to pair with an Apple Watch to enable this feature.

Another health feature that was introduced at WWDC 2019  focuses on providing users with activity information about their hearing. The feature is designed to promote better hearing health, so it will monitor the noise of the environment and tell wearers how noisy their surrounding is. More information about this functionality will likely be released in the run-in to the software’s release.

Apple is the top seller of wearable devices in the previous years, so there is definitely pressure for the company to release another remarkable timepiece. Furthermore, Apple’s rivals like Fitbit, Samsung and Garmin are also stepping up their game in equipping their devices with more advanced features. But it’s important to note that Apple is still ahead of its rivals when it comes to the total number of apps it has for its smartwatch series.

Apple Watch Pictured: Apple COO Jeff Williams discusses Apple Watch Series 4 during an event on Sept. 12, 2018, in Cupertino, California. Noah Berger/AFP/Getty Images