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Apricot vs. Peach: What’s The Difference?

Peaches and apricots appear almost similar in color and shape. Aside from their physical similarities, both fruits also offer a number of benefits that you can enjoy, especially in summer.

Both are members of the Rosaceae family, also known as the rose family. You can get many nutrients from peaches and apricots and they are also packed with antioxidants that can protect the body from the effects of aging and diseases. 

But with their similarities inside and out, these fruits still have differences. It is important to know what makes each fruit unique to better utilize their health benefits and make better dishes with them. 

Apricot & Peach: Taste, Characteristics, Content

Apricots appear much smaller than peaches. This fuzzy and yellow-orange fruit is just 1/4 the size of a small peach that weigh 130 grams.

Aside from its small size, apricots have less calories. You can get only 17 calories per apricot, while a small peach contains 50 calories. 

However, peaches provide higher nutrients in a single serving, including potassium, vitamin C, and beta carotene, according to Healthline. Apricots also contain similar nutrients but in lesser amount. 

Not looking at their sizes, there is another noticeable difference between apricots and peaches. You can easily determine peaches by its flavor as they taste sweeter. 

Peaches have  higher sugar content compared to apricots. You can get 11 grams of sugar from one small peach, while a single apricot contains only 3 grams.

Peaches also have higher water content that makes it juicier. 

Uses In The Kitchen 

Many people use both peaches and apricots in the kitchen to create a healthy meal. They can be part of main dishes and desserts.

Both fruits can be served either fresh, canned or dried. Looking at their similarities, you can swap peaches and apricots in recipes.

However, choosing apricots will require you to add slightly more liquid and sugar to your dish because of the fruit’s slightly tart flavor.

The best time to enjoy peaches and apricots is during summer. Both fruits are more available and lower in cost during this season.  

apricots and peaches Peaches and apricots appear almost similar in color and shape and offer a number of benefits that you can enjoy, especially in summer. Pixabay