When it comes to keeping yourself hydrated, you can never go wrong with good ol’ water. However, if you’re an active person who’s constantly exercising, your body needs more than just water for recovery and to stay hydrated.

Electrolytes are minerals that our bodies use to maintain their natural ionic balance. We can easily load up on electrolytes through sports and energy drinks, which have become very popular among people who play sports or regularly exercise.

But are these sports drinks good for you? Do these sports drinks have health risks? Here are 8 sports drinks health facts that you need to know now!

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 6 When we sweat, we tend to lose electrolytes, throwing off our body's ionic balance. pixabay (CC0)

1. Replaces Lost Fluids – One of the biggest benefits of sports drinks is that these can quickly replace lost fluids in our bodies after a workout, which is critical. However, the amount of fluids lost is related to the intensity of the exercise. The lighter the exercise, the less likely you will benefit from drinking sports drinks.

2. Balances Your Electrolytes – Another benefit of sports drinks is that these contain electrolytes, which you can’t get from water alone. When you sweat profusely during an exercise, you lose electrolytes, making you feel dizzy and prone to cramping and confusion. Sports drinks help alleviate this by replenishing the electrolytes your body lost.

3. Workout Boost – While exercising, you can give your body and muscles a good workout boost by drinking sports drinks. These are made to aid in recovery and hydration, so drinking sports drinks during your workout will give your body a good push to help keep you going.

4. Provides Energy –  Sports drinks' sugar content help provide energy. However, it’s not recommended to take sports drinks if you didn’t work out.

5. Not a Thirst Quencher – Sports drinks also have some disadvantages and negative side effects. One is the salt and other ingredients found in these drinks will make you less hydrated than regular water, which causes you to drink more.

6. No Protein – If your goal is to build muscle, then don’t take a lot of these sports drinks. Most sports drinks contain zero grams of protein, which is essential in muscle-building.

7. High Sugar Content – Most commercial sports drinks have high sugar content to give it flavor. It’s important to be aware of this, as a high sugar level is very unhealthy.

8. May Affect Weight Loss – The sugar in sports drinks is just empty calories, which can hamper your progress.

Best Sports Drink Alternative

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 6 Cure Hydration is a plant-based hydration solution that offers more electrolytes than the usual sports drink. curehydration.com

Thankfully, there are alternative hydration solutions that are much healthier than traditional sports drinks. Cure Hydration is a female-founded company that offers the first organic, plant-based hydration drink with a science-backed formula. Free from any added or artificial sugar, Cure Hydration’s packets offer 4x more electrolytes than your typical convenience store energy drink.

To help aid in America’s hydration problem, Cure Hydration uses the same Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) that the World Health Organization created to save more than 50 million lives all over the world. The brand’s precise electrolyte to glucose ratio ensures you get hydrated 2-3 times faster than by just drinking water. It is also super easy to prepare and very enjoyable so you'll see why it is such a great hydration solution.

Natural and Science-Backed Ingredients

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 6 The difference between Cure Hydration and other energy drinks on the market. curehydration.com

Sports drinks usually make use of unnecessary ingredients like added sugars and artificial flavors, which are also unhealthy. Cure Hydration skips all these and sticks to organic coconut water powder, lemon juice powder, pink Himalayan salt, lemon juice powder and natural sweeteners like organic juice powder to add flavor. This makes for an ingredients list that is short, simple and easy to understand. This ingredient list is also proof of Cure Hydration’s commitment to using only clean, science-backed ingredients.

Cure Hydration's board is made up of pro-athletes, advisors and nutritionists that have extensive industry experience and are committed to making products that can provide real results. 

Cure Hydration offers these refreshing flavors:

Cure Hydration offers 14 packets for $20.99 (“Hydrate” flavors) and $24.99 (“Energy” flavors). Customers can enjoy generous discounts making the drinks only $16.79 (“Hydrate” flavors) and $19.99 (“Energy” flavors) respectively through a monthly subscription.

Best Sports Drink for Hydration

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 6 Cure Hydration uses the same Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) that the World Health Organization popularized before. curehydration.com

While sports drinks aid in electrolyte recovery, the majority of brands on the market still make use of artificial and unhealthy ingredients. Cure Hydration bridges the gap for those looking for an electrolyte-rich hydration solution without added sugars and flavors.

With a science-backed formula, Cure Hydration is definitely one of the best Gatorade alternatives available today, make sure to try it by clicking here.