Ariana Grande Tomato Allergy: Singer Opens Up About Condition

When asked to recall the incident, Ariana Grande said that her throat nearly closed. “Still feels like I’m swallowing a cactus,” she wrote in an Instagram post on a Wednesday. Grande told her fans that it was unfair for an Italian woman like her to develop any allergic responses to tomatoes. She quickly apologized for the entire situation.

Grande’s canceled shows in her home state, which was supposed to be on May 28th in Tampa and May 29th in Orlando, have been pushed back to November 24th and 25th.

To probe into the unusual condition further, Billboard reached out to a board-certified allergist and immunologist Katie Marks-Cogan, whose specialty is on food allergies. Speaking as an expert with no direct knowledge of the singer’s case, Marks-Cogan says that food allergies are more common in children. Thus, drawing to the conclusion that these reactions can develop at any age.

In line with this, Marks-Cogan quickly referenced a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association that points to a survey which showed that 10 percent of adults will most likely have a food allergy.

A lot of food allergies can be severe and life-threatening, and adult-onset allergies are more common than one might think. However, having an allergic reaction to tomatoes is a different talk as it is relatively infrequent to both adults and children.

Furthermore, Marks-Cogan underlines that the kind of reaction Grande had is more common with raw fruits and vegetables, as cooking tomatoes and other fresh produce results in the breakdown and denatures of potentially troublesome proteins.

There is definitely an unfair facet in abruptly acquiring an allergic reaction. To have consumed tomatoes in one’s entire life, and then to unexpectedly discover, at the age of 25, that sensitivity towards this juicy red fruit has made itself palpable and can be quite baffling.

Hopefully, for Grande and her fans, the allergy does not hinder her health and career in any significant way. With proper treatment and careful observation of what she eats, Grande’s recovery will be a bit sooner than later.

One can only wish that she approaches fast recovery and that no more shows are canceled in the future.

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande backstage during Ariana Grande Sweetener World Tour at Staples Center on May 07, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AG