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Bee Pollen Benefits That Will Surprise You

Surprisingly, bee pollen is considered as a superfood. Do note that bee pollen is not the same as pollen. To make things clear, pollen is considered as the male seed when it comes to flowering plants. It is needed for the fertilization of the plant for reproduction.

On the other hand, bee pollen is a pellet of pollen, wax, honey, nectar, enzymes and bee secretions that are actually created by the worker bees. The bee pollen is the primary food source for the young bees.

With the bee pollen, you can rest assured that it contains nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, fatty acids, carbohydrates and amino acids. Here are some of the other benefits that may surprise you.

1. Can aid in weight loss

If you are looking for new ways to lose weight, try incorporating bee pollen into your diet. In a 2014 study, it was shown that bee pollen can prevent and reverse malnutrition. It can also improve muscle mass. It is an excellent tool for when you want to deal with your nutrient deficiencies.

2. Can reduce inflammation

Inflammation has been known as a factor in many diseases. Nevertheless, bee pollen can increase antioxidant activity and combat inflammation in the body. It can also reverse some signs of diseases. It can be used as an antioxidant so that you are better able to improve disease symptoms.

3. Antimicrobial and antibacterial

Did you know that raw honey is used to treat wounds and further prevent the spreading of the infection? Well, if that is the case, bee pollen is also known to contain antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Thus, you can also utilize bee pollen as a means to heal wounds and prevent its spread.

4. Can help fight allergies

Bee pollen and raw honey can help with seasonal allergies because it has been proven to possess certain properties that can boost one’s immune system. Bee pollen has the ability to inhibit the activation of mast cells; these play a crucial role in the development of allergic reactions.

5. Can support healthy hormones

In a study using rats as subjects, it was proven that bee pollen can help with the regulation of ovarian functions. Rats that have consumed more bee pollen were observed to have increased production of steroid hormones; this is the equivalent of progesterone in humans.

Honeybees View of bees in their bee hive, at an apiary in Navajas, Matanzas province, Cuba on March 21, 2019. Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images