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Best 2020 Diet Includes Pizza, Dietitian Says

Unless you’re Boyle in that one episode of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" where he gets his heart broken and decides to only eat eggs as he now only eats “for sustenance,” then we have a pretty good feeling that you enjoy eating different types of food.

In fact, eating can be a very vibrant and therapeutic experience for a lot of people, most especially when it isn’t anchored down by numerous limitations. But the problem is that most diets are like that, saying that you can’t eat this or that if you want to achieve weight loss. However, the same can’t be said for the Volumetrics diet, which is a weight loss plan that’s an alternative to most popular restrictive fads, all because it finds the perfect balance between hunger and cravings.

In other words, it lets you eat what you want.

The Volumetrics Diet

At the end of the day, we’re only human, and humans have a tendency to only crave for something more when we abstain from it. Furthermore, adopting a regimen to address a specific health goal makes it hard to avoid any temptations once the goal itself is reached.

Thankfully, this new diet doesn’t make you do any of that because no food groups are excluded from it. It works by maximizing your calorie intake that are gained from foods that are naturally healthy, all while making trade-offs here and there to make sure your pizza and chocolate cravings are fulfilled. Just simply have a journal and schedule consistent physical activity, and you’ll be good to go.

Per the diet, there are four food groups that are emphasized. Group 1 includes foods low in energy that you can eat anytime, like non-starchy fruits and vegetables. Group 2 encompasses starchy fruits and vegetables, low-fat meat, breakfast cereal, legumes and low-fat dishes. Group 3 has foods that can be eaten if exercise is already done, such as chocolate, ice cream, pizza and French fries. Group 4 is the same as Group 3, although the food here has less nutritional benefits.

Its goal is to also make you feel full after each meal.

pizza The 5 Bite Diet promises quick weight loss by limiting food intake to just five bites per meal and reducing calories from daily meals. Pixabay

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