Best Android Apps To Monitor Your Weight, Nutrition And More Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

Modern technology has helped millions of us who are currently stuck at home as the coronavirus pandemic continues its lethal spread around the world. This applies to those of you who are struggling to monitor your weight, nutrition and other aspects of your health and well-being since face-to-face consultation with dietitians is nigh impossible at the moment. To help in your overall health while on home quarantine, here are the best android apps to get you started:


MyFitnessPal helps you get the right amount of calories needed to sustain your weight by calculating the number of calories based on your weight and goals. This is helpful because most of us are now stuck at home with little to no movement at all. Though it is good to record what you are eating, the app features a database that makes it easy to do so. Through the app, you can also scan barcodes to automatically add food to your diary.

Lose It!

Lose It! functions just like MyFitnessPal but has a more intuitive interface to compensate for having less apps to sync with. The app lets you take a picture of food to automatically recognize what you are eating, saving you time normally needed to search for it. The app also has features such as built-in recipes and workout guides and comes with insights on your eating patterns.

Runtastic Balance

Runtastic Balance makes it easier for you to count your macros since the app displays them directly in your diary. Not only does it have an intuitive interface, but it has free plans that you can select depending on your dietary goals. If you use other Runtastic apps, you can sync your progress automatically.


Featuring complete meal plans and healthy recipes for a balanced diet, LifeSum makes tracking your diet easier, especially if you have no idea what you are supposed to eat. It has a calorie tracker with a sleek user interface and also lets you see your macros and calories at a glance. Syncing with third-party apps is difficult to do, however, because it requires a paid subscription.


Mealime makes daily meal planning a breeze by offering recipes that not only match your goals, but also your taste. Through an advanced search engine, you can filter results based on calories, ingredients and more. Once you decided what to cook, the app makes a categorized grocery list that makes it easier to get what you need at the supermarket. It also has a paid subscription service that brings detailed nutritional information, meal plan tracking, exclusive recipes and other advanced features.

Freeletics Nutrition

Known for its bodyweight training app, Freeletics has recently released a nutrition one to help you reach your dietary goals. The app comes with built-in recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that you can use as inspiration. It also learns to adapt to your dietary requirements if you are following certain diets. The app does not count calories, which may be a good thing if you are more focused on the results and pleasure. Through a paid subscription, you can get a customized nutritional coach that helps if you have specific goals in mind.


BodyFast is just what you will need if you want an app that can help you start your intermittent fasting program. It is relevant for both beginners and experienced fasters and can create a personalized weekly plan just for you. It features a built-in fasting tracker and timer along with a weight and body measurement log to track your progress. By signing up for a virtual coach, you can get customized fasting recommendations.


Senza is an excellent app if you are following a ketogenic diet. It helps you through keto-specific tracking and macros. It can also handle intermittent fasting. The app comes with built-in guides for beginners, keto recipes and restaurant menus. It can provide you with daily recommendations and even tracks your potassium, sodium, magnesium, glucose and ketone intake, among other advanced features.


Yuka is different from the rest of the apps listed since it is developed to help you understand the impact of various food or personal care products on your health. Through a simple color code generated after scanning the aforementioned products, you will know whether or not they are good for you. The app will recommend an alternative product if the product scanned could be harmful for you.


More than just a calorie tracker, Noom offers a psychology-based approach to identify why you are eating and helps you build a plan to become healthier. It is well-adapted to current conditions, where most are not far from the kitchen. The app features a built-in weight and food tracker to keep an eye on your progress as well as a built-in pedometer that automatically logs your steps if you either have a yard, or are allowed to go outside.

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