Best Antiviral Herbs To Take During Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is currently shrouded in uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic. With reports stating that even children are now at risk of contracting COVID-19, it’s just right for all of us to take caution. The best way to counter the deadly virus is to prevent its infection by boosting our immune system.

According to DW, the immune system plays a very important role in the human body’s battle against pathogens like viruses. Aside from providing protection against invading microorganisms, the immune system also carries out processes important in the treatment and therapy needed against pathogens.

However, not everyone has the same level of immunity. Some people have high immunity because they are in good health. Others have low immunity due to certain circumstances and factors like age, diet and lifestyle. Those who have low immunity are often referred to as immunocompromised people, or people who have an impaired immune system.

Good thing there are ways to enhance the immune system, and doing so could help us prevent coronavirus infection. One of them is the use of antiviral herbs that inhibit the development of viruses in the body. Antiviral herbs fight viral infections and boost the immune system at the same time while also providing certain benefits to the cardiovascular, digestive and other organ systems.

Dr. Axe has the best antiviral herbs to take to boost the immune system. Among them are echinacea, andrographis, elderberry, astragalus root and garlic. Turkey tail, licorice root, olive leaf, oregano, reishi and sage are also part of the list.

Echinacea is considered of the best-selling herbs of all time, and this is because it has phytochemicals that reduce virus infections and tumors. Andrographis is also quite popular in the U.S. due to its antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Then, there’s garlic, a household item that’s proven to be effective in killing numerous microorganisms that cause infections and diseases.

Oregano, which is also very popular in the kitchen, has compounds that fight off viruses and fungi. Sage is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine because it can prevent infections and address symptoms of various ailments. The rest of the herbs on the list also have notable antiviral and immune-boosting properties.

Most of the herbs can be consumed as teas or herbal infusions; they may also be available as essential oils. The former is better than the latter since consuming the herbs would mean that their nutrients could readily enter the body and take effect.

Herbs and spice on board Herbs and spice on board Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash