Best Natural Deodorants For Sensitive Armpits

Pit stains ruining your day? A common occurrence for most people (it’s a natural process made by our body after all), this can lead to the search for natural deodorant, a search which, for most people, is akin to finding the Holy Grail (in some ways). Sure, it’s hard, but when you find the one, it’s the one alright, and you can easily kiss your sweaty and icky days goodbye.

Then again, why is it even hard to find natural deodorant that will keep you sweat and odor-free? Shouldn’t it be much easier? And more convenient? Since people have different skin types and smells that work for them, shouldn’t they be more accessible?

Turns out, the culprit behind is baking soda, which clash with your armpits’ acidic pH. But fret not, since we have compiled some of the best baking soda-free deodorant products you can try today. Here you go:

  1. Laino Panama Alum Stone – This one is made entirely of alum crystal, which supposedly prevents bacteria from breaking down sweat (which then results in bad odor). Additionally, it’s also fragrance-free, preservative-free and hypoallergenic, so those with sensitive skin can easily use it.
  2. Primal Pit Paste Unscented Sensitive Natural Deodorant – Containing arrowroot powder for maximum absorption and magnesium as its primary active ingredient, this deodorant comes highly recommended. It’s also packaged in BPA-free plastic, making it totally recyclable.
  3. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – The name says it all, and this one here is a classic choice for many. Feels like a traditional deodorant at a better price point.
  4. Nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant – Made with natural mineral salt and fragrance-free, this deodorant right here also comes with five-star Amazon reviews, so you know you just have to give it a go.
  5. Ursa Major Base Layer Deodorant – This deodorant is the baking soda-free version of the product’s bestseller. Thankfully, it still comes with all of the other active ingredients, making sure it’s still topnotch. Additionally, it also comes with aloe and kaolin clay to help absorb moisture and hydrate your pits.

So there you go, our top recommendations for baking soda-free deodorants that might just be the one for you.

Deodorant Using deodorant or antiperspirant can alter the abundance and diversity of (sometimes smelly) armpit microbes. Neil Conway, CC BY 2.0