Big or small celebrations typically include enjoying a nice drink in a memorable place like the beach. Luckily, you don't have to miss out on drinks thanks to non-alcoholic options. Flavorful and packed with nutrients, these may even be the better choice.

Here are some of the best non-alcoholic drinks as well as the best wine alternatives that you can purchase online.

1. Curious Elixir No. 4 Booze-Free Cocktails (LIMITED RELEASE)

Curious Elixir Curious Elixir No. 4 Booze-Free Cocktails (LIMITED RELEASE)

Curious No. 4 is the perfect drink for any occasion. Whether for chilling out by yourself or for social gatherings, this is a popular choice despite being non-alcoholic. This drink is made from citrusy flavors of blood orange and green mandarin with the light fizz of prosecco. Combine these with American ginseng, turmeric and holy basil and you'll get a delicious non-alcoholic drink without any sugar.

2. Curious Elixir No. 1 Cocktails

Curious Elixir Curious Elixir No. 1 Cocktails

Curious Elixir No. 1 is a non-alcoholic alternative to negroni. It has a smooth, dry and bitter taste, making it the perfect drink to help you unwind after a long day. It also contains rhodiola and gentian that gives a quick energy boost. Meanwhile, the pomegranate is good for digestion making it an all-around healthy option. It is best served on the rocks with an orange slice on the side.

3. Curious Elixir No. 5 Booze-Free Cocktails (LIMITED RELEASE)

Curious Elixir Curious Elixir No. 5 Booze-Free Cocktails (LIMITED RELEASE)

The Curious Elixir No. 5 can easily be mistaken as an alcoholic drink due to its smokey flavor. The mix is composed of dark cherry that gives out a smoky and American oaky flavor. The addition of dark chocolate gives a lingering burn that is usually associated with whiskey drinks. Your body will thank you for this drink as it gives you a big immunity boost thanks to the combination of elderberry, ginger, cayenne and shatavari also known as "The Queen of Herbs." 

4. Non-Alcoholic IPA

Crawford Non-Alcoholic IPA
Looking for the best non-alcoholic alternative for beer? Better check out this Non-Alcoholic IPA, a light and delicious drink that has a slightly bitter note. It is made from ingredients like barley, wheat, yeast and hops for a high-quality brewed flavor. It is best paired with tasty snacks such as tacos or burgers.

5. Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé

Crawford Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé

The Gruvi Bubbly Rose is a newly released wine alternative that is gluten-free, alcohol-free and most importantly, it only has 60 calories per bottle. With notes of tart green apple and fresh strawberry, you get a healthy and fruity drink in one. No need to worry if you drank one too many!

6. Non-Alcoholic Dry Secco

Crawford Non-Alcoholic Dry Secco

Wondering about the best non-alcoholic drink recipes? If so, then this Dry Secco is best enjoyed chilled or if you want to create a personalized mocktail. This was inspired by the ingredients of champagne coupled with floral and tart endnotes. Made from handpicked blended wine grapes, each bottle has 0.0% alcohol and contains only 50 calories.

7. Non-Alcoholic Stout

Crawford Non-Alcoholic Stout

If you are missing the flavor of dark beer, the Gruvi Stout is a non-alcoholic bestseller. Aside from the abbey malt that gives it a mild nutty flavor, it also has a sweet honey note. The addition of roasted barley and chocolate malt completes this non-alcoholic stout. You'll easily taste the hints of malt, mild oat and coffee notes. Perfect for chilly winter nights!

8. Non-Alcoholic Peach Pie Ale (Seasonal)

Crawford Non-Alcoholic Peach Pie Ale (Seasonal)

For the Peach Pie Ale, Gruvi teamed up with some of the best brewers in the country such as the Rocky Mountain Brewery's peach beer. Gruvi's version is non-alcoholic and makes use of spiced peaches that have a mild sweetness. As you finish your drink you'll notice hints of vanilla, cream and a buttery crust. For something unique, top it off with whipped cream. 

9. Red Blend Limited Release

Crawford Red Blend Limited Release 4-Pack

The Gruvi Red Blend is the perfect drink to pair with savory meals such as grilled lamb chops and truffle mashed potatoes as it's a non-alcoholic alternative to red wine. Despite having no alcohol in the mix, you'll still enjoy the wine's smooth texture in each sip. The Red Blend has notes of raspberries and black currant. Each can contains 45 calories so you can drink without the guilt.