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Best Poison Ivy Rash Remedies To Stop Itching

A poison ivy rash develops if you have been exposed to the plant in fields, woods, riverbeds and even roads. The oil found in the plant that causes the irritation can easily be transferred from clothing, pet fur or human skin. Below are the best poison ivy rash remedies that stop the itching and prevent severe swelling.

Wash The Rash

An active component found in all the parts of the poison ivy plant is called urushiol oil and this causes the rash. When your skin is exposed to it, your skin will feel itchy aside from developing red spots. Wash off the infected area with cool water and soap to expel the oil from your skin. This lessens the itchy sensation.

Take A Bath

According to Wellness Mama, a soothing bath is among the natural remedies that treat skin conditions such as the poison ivy rash. You can add baking soda, apple cider vinegar, essential oils, bentonite clay and/or Himalayan salt to your bath soap. These ingredients decrease inflammation and fight off elements that infect the skin.


Histamines are compounds in the body that act as a reactant when your immune system alerts from exposure to harmful elements such as urushiol oil. They then give the body a warning that it is suffering from a reaction by showing symptoms such as itchy skin rashes, watery eyes and other allergy symptoms. Herbs like nettle, alfalfa, chamomile, quercetin and wild oregano have antihistamine properties. They prevent the body from producing histamines, thus preventing the itch and alleviating the rashes.


As per mindbodygreen, acupuncture can lower inflammation levels. A poison ivy rash is a sign of inflammation. Acupuncture can help clear up the redness and other symptoms of the condition.

Wash Clothes

Since urushiol oil attaches to clothes and infects the skin, washing your clothes will help prevent you from getting a poison ivy rash, or if you are already suffering from the condition, then this can prevent it from infecting other parts of the body. Warm water and soap should be effective. Adding vinegar also helps in eliminating the oil from the clothes.